Top 10 Dreams You Can't Ignore

1. Flying

A person who flies in a dream should pay attention to how he or she feels. If the feeling of height gives you encouragement, then you are on the right track. Low flying indicates that you need to believe in your strength to reach new heights. Problems in life promises a dream where you fly with difficulty. Such a dream indicates that you have chosen the wrong path or are not putting enough effort to achieve your goals.

2. Waterfalls .

Such dreams symbolize purification. If you dreamed of a beautiful and turbulent stream, it means that soon you may meet true love. Let go of the past to allow love to rush into your life. Muddy water and gloomy scenery around you suggest you need to take a closer look at your social circle. There are people among your acquaintances with whom you don't belong. Waterfalls and rainbows mean new doors that will open before you. Do not be afraid to change your life, otherwise what you dream will pass you by.

3. Teeth .

If you're dreaming about your teeth being extracted, it means that in reality you need to solve problems that you've been putting off for a long time. Teeth that have fallen out indicate stressful situations and neurosis. In this case, pay attention to your state of mind and eliminate the factors that agitate your nervous system. Dream teeth can cause joy or anxiety, which can not be ignored. If the feeling after a dream does not bother you, then life is getting better and the problems go away. If you feel anxiety or fear, find out if there is no spoilage or evil eye.

4. Death .

Most often, a dream about death promises salvation from problems. Despite the fears, these dreams do not indicate your illnesses. Death always brings renewal, so after waking up you should think about what you are doing wrong. A person who has departed into the other world, most often appears in a dream for comfort and your protection. In such a case, you can perform a ritual that will help you get the protection of your kind .

Pregnancy most often indicates the prospects of development . Most likely, you have a plan or idea that you can't get to. A dream in which you saw your pregnancy , encourages you to take decisive actions. Dreams about this delicate situation are almost always accompanied by strong emotions. If they are positive, you have nothing to fear. A dream in which you feel anxiety or fear for your position, afraid of losing the future child, means that among your acquaintances there are envious and ill-wishers. Communication with them is important to exclude, so that your life will not change for the worse.

6. The house .

If you often dream that you see a house, try to describe the construction of the house, the number of floors, the interior decoration and your feelings. The higher your house, the greater success you can achieve in life. Bright and joyful feeling means complete harmony with yourself and the outside world, and a nice dwelling indicates that your family can not fear for the future. Old or ruined structures warn that there may be trouble in your family, from minor conflicts to house robbery or fire. Be careful and be sure to secure your home.

7. Money

The money you receive in a dream symbolizes good luck and prosperity. If you are about to make a large purchase, then you can safely go to the store, buy real estate, as well as invest your money in securities. Giving money in a dream - to minor problems and loss of money. The emotions you experienced during a dream will directly point to the problem or possible good luck. Listen carefully to your feelings, in order to understand what awaits you in the near future.

8. Cheating

Cheating dreams are often for those who are unsure of their partner. Such dreams indicate problems in their personal lives, lack of attention from a loved one or loss of connection with loved ones. Often, dreams about infidelity directly indicate the need to end the relationship in which you are unhappy, or together with a partner to discuss the prospects for your relationship. In any case, cheating indicates that your inner balance is disturbed, which means that you need to address your state of mind.

9. Fire .

Seeing fire at a considerable distance from yourself is a sign of imminent changes in your life. Interaction with fire promises difficulties in work and personal life connected with the manifestation of strong emotions. If you yourself make the fire, then you should moderate your anger and not give in to provocation. If you have dreamed about a fire on the eve of an important conversation or event, call for caution. Try not to say too much, so as not to make enemies or envious.

If you see in a dream the person without clothes, then you will soon get truthful answers to all your questions. Your own nudity, causing embarrassment, indicates the need to refuse to talk about his life. If you are not embarrassed by your naked body, you are self-sufficient and able to make your own responsible decisions. In that case, you need to actively act in order to implement all the ideas


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