Top 10 facts about childbirth in different countries of the world

1. United States of America

In this country you give birth in a hospital, not in a maternity hospital. There is a special contract with the doctor for the service. The amount is about four to six thousand dollars. The conditions for the stay are very comfortable. There is everything necessary. When labor begins, the doctors immediately place sensors on the abdomen, and after that it is not allowed to eat.


Italy has a very high level of medicine. Officially childbirth is provided as an emergency service, so it will be absolutely free, even if you are a tourist. The room is clean and nice linen, you will be asked about food preferences. You will be given all the necessary hygiene products for you and the baby after the baby arrives.


Not only a woman can stay in the room, but also one member of the family. In France, there is no rule to prescribe a pregnant woman a bunch of tests and medications. Six weeks after delivery, you can take a recovery course with a midwife.


Highly qualified doctors, newest equipment, modern conveniences in the room. All this, however, costs a considerable amount of money. This country is the most expensive for childbirth. But this cost is due to the wonderful scenery and high level of comfort.

5. Finland .

The safest country if you want a birth without complications. There is also a high level of service and medicine. And the budget will be about 2z thousand dollars.

Here you will find a wonderful friendly staff. Doctors in Germany believe that a woman should feel relaxed in order for the birth to go well.


There are no specialized maternity hospitals here. There are only departments of large medical organizations. Here you will be taken care of. The advantage of this hospital is a relatively low price and a high level of service.


Some of the most qualified doctors are located in this country. In addition, here you will find a lot of Russian-speaking staff. The best medical equipment in the world and modern ways of childbirth. The cost will be from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

9. Australia

Many women like the Australian approach to childbirth. The staff is interested in your well-being and mood, trying to provide you with the highest level of calm and comfort. You will not be frightened as everything will be explained to you. After your baby arrives, you will be told how to take care of your newborn. The rooms are spacious and have a bathroom.


Excellent quality combined with mild climate which will help a woman to recover after a long period of pregnancy and childbirth. The best clinics are located in large cities such as Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona. Women are delivered in the gynecological wards of the hospitals. The delivery price varies from 5 to 8 thousand euros. Vaccinations and examination by a pediatrician after birth are an additional cost. In today's world there is a lot of choice in all areas of our life, including the choice of delivery place.


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