Top 10 Motorcycles for the Army

10. Cagiva T4E.

This motorcycle was used in the 1980s by the French military. It is quite common and easy to buy for a relatively low price.

The Gulf War was the place where this bike was in demand due to its performance and unpretentiousness. It is also a moto starred in the James Bond movie "GoldenEye".

The engine four-stroke, 1 cylinder with a volume of 350 cc, 12 liters of fuel reserve, fork Marzocchi diameter 40-mm, curb weight 146 kg.

9. Cushman Model 53.

This is a paratrooper scooter, which was parachuted into U.S. Army operations areas.

More than 5,000 were produced during World War II.

The 4.6 horsepower engine was weak. Legend has it that the first Cushman was built by a worker at a military airfield from scrapped aircraft parts and airfield equipment. Cushman had quite a powerful frame construction and quite a big weight for a scooter - 115 kg.

8. Harley-Davidson J-series.

This motorcycle of the beginning of the XX century and the same age as the First World War! Just at that time, motorcycles were given a chance to show their usefulness in war conditions.

Only Indian and Harley-Davidson could afford mass production for army needs. This was due to the remoteness of production from the theater of war.

7. Welbike.

Another "baby" is a British Welbike. This scooter is similar to the Cashman, lightweight and foldable, it was intended for special operations, it is the same as the Cashman dropped in a special capsule, and after simple training could take a paratrooper to the right place.

6. Vespa 150 TAP.

Another paratrooper model was this Vespa. It carried a M20 recoilless gun with six charges. Once it was mounted on the machine, it could be fired from the "recoilless"

5. Harley-Davidson/Armstrong-CCM MT350/MT500.

And this is a modern military motorcycle. Initially, it was produced by British company Armstrong, then in 1993, the license was bought by Harley-Davidson.

Two engine options: single-cylinder, 350cc and 500cc Rotax with belt-driven camshaft. This engine was also installed on Jawa motorcycles.

The MT-350 or 500 very often shows up for sale after being decommissioned.

4. Kawasaki/Hayes M1030.

The Kawasaki KLR650 is an example of a "utilitarian" motorcycle. The American firm Hayes Diversified Technologies is the creator of this militarist and developed it specifically for the U.S. Army. This motorcycle with the prefix "diesel" is actually "multi-fuel" and can "digest" any fuel from kerosene to jet fuel.

Prior to this 650cc motorcycle, the U.S. Army used the Kawasaki KLR250.

3. the Norton WD16H.

The most common motorcycle in the 1930s was this British motorcycle. Tens of thousands produced this model adapted for the army.

2. Harley-Davidson WLA.

This rather famous motorcycle could be the first place in this selection. This military-inspired bike looks very military, in olive color, with leather cases and a holster on the front springer. It is a very mass-produced motorcycle, more than 100,000 were produced and a third went to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program.

BMW R71 and R75 .

Engineers from Germany created their own standard for military motorcycles. The BMW R71 (and its later version R75), along with the monstrous Zundapp, were intelligently designed directly for combat use.


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