Top 10 startups to watch on 2023

"We'll look at the top 10 startups in 2023 in this post.

These businesses are setting new standards across various sectors, including biotech, virtual reality, and renewable energy. Not only are these businesses upending established markets, but they are also generating new ones. These startups have made encouraging progress and have the power to alter how we live and work in the years to come. An overview of their services, goods, and business strategies will be given in this article, along with a discussion of potential future effects."

#1: Linktree

Funding: Series B (latest funding on March 16, 2022)  

Revenue: Undisclosed 

Employee Size: 305 (est.)

Millions of businesses choose to connect with their customers online, and digital marketing is becoming more and more significant. Then, however, website connections from various social media profiles, blog posts, and customer support sites start to fly around.

On the other hand, Linktree links audiences and online platforms through a single interface and sends everyone to the website they require.

#2: Funnel 

Funding:  Series C (latest funding round on October 12, 2021)

Revenue: $9 Million

Employee Size: 350+ (information provided by the company itself) 

A Swedish SaaS startup called Funnel assists marketers in data analysis and insightful presentation.

It is a no-code solution with many plans for various business kinds and their demands.

Funnel gathers and displays data from more than 500 platforms and apps, a more numerical profession that is virtually a data science, as marketing becomes increasingly mechanical.

#3: So Syncd 

Funding: Pre-Seed funding (raised $1M)

Employee Size: 7 (est.)

Therefore, Sync is a free dating app that matches users based on personality characteristics.

The founding sisters of So Syncd, Jess and Lou, thought it took too long and was generally a waste of time to locate a compatible partner. Numerous unsuccessful dates for the sake of a few pretty pictures...

They established their own company in 2019 and created So Syncd, the first personality-based dating app, in the United Kingdom.


It's time for modern dating, they claim—no more pointless swiping.

#4: Manychat 

Funding: Series A 

Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Flint Capital, and 3 more 

Employee Size: 202

A marketing application called Manychat automates interactive conversations on numerous social media sites like Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

#5: Group Greeting 

Revenue: $5M

Employee Size: 27

I enjoy getting cards when I'm ill, joyful, or successful. I feel valued and cared for because of it. And to be completely honest, even if a message card is brief and shallow, I still eagerly await it.

It appears that everyone agrees!

People can compose and sign cards for many occasions together using Group Greetings.

#6: Loom

Funding: Series C

Employee Size: 160+

Millions of people now work from home.

Even though it offers some comfort and flexibility, keeping up with online meetings can be challenging or exhausting.

Loom steps in to help with that.

#7: Preply 

Funding: Series C (latest funding round on March 30, 2022)

Employee Size: 400+ 

Preply is one of the top online language learning systems on the market, with more than 5 million active users and 170,000 teachers.

#8: Printify

Funding: Series A (with a total amount of $541M)

Sales Growth: +87% (over the last 2 years)

Employee Size: 600 

A technological firm called Printify enables practically anyone to launch a business and begin selling goods with little risk.

You can start selling after adding your design to t-shirts, mugs, socks, bags, etc.

#9: Adalo 

Funding: Series A (closed $8M worth round led by Tiger Global in May 2021)

Employee Size: less than 50

Adalo is a no-code app development tool.

With Adalo, you can create an app without hiring a developer or learning how to code. All you have to do is drag and drop.

#10: Elmo Drive 

Funding: Pre-Seed funding (raised £350K)

Backed by: Constellation Automotive Group 

In the UK, transportation accounts for 26% of total carbon emission rates.

All vehicles, including light-duty and heavy-goods trucks, must be retired from service for the UK to meet its Net Zero goal.


Some businesses are destined to become integral parts of our lives, while others fail to succeed commercially and go out of business.

Having a strong business strategy is one method to stay alive in this startup rat race.

And for us consumers, let's not be hesitant to try out and appreciate these platforms that claim to make our lives simpler!

The source for this article is 'Userguiding':


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