Top 10 unique Champions League records

1. Zinedine Zidane

The Real Madrid coach became the first coach in history to win three consecutive Champions Leagues, in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

2. Frank Rykard.

The Dutchman won the Champions League as a player at AC Milan and Ajax, and as a coach at Barcelona. He is the only one who managed this achievement with three different teams.

3. Bayern Munich

"Bayern, in the 2019/20 season, managed to become the only club to win all matches in one Champions League (11 wins).

4. Lionel Messi.

The first player to score a penta-trick in a single Champions League match. In the 2011/2012 season, Barcelona beat Bayer Leverkusen 7-1.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese is the record holder for goals in a single tournament. In the 2013/2014 season, he scored 17 goals, breaking his own record.

6. Spartak Moscow

Spartak Moscow is the only team to have 6 wins in the group stage (1995/1996) and, at the same time, 6 defeats (2002/2003).

7. Manchester United

The longest unbeaten streak belongs to MU, which has gone 25 matches in the tournament without defeat: from 19/09/2007 to 27/05/2009. By the way, Wikipedia has a typo, it says 26 matches.

8. Barcelona

In the 1999/2000 Champions League the Catalan Barcelona players scored 45 goals in the main tournament. Liverpool and Real Madrid CF come closest with 41 goals each.

9. Igor Akinfeev

The Russian set an astonishing record in the Champions League, with a minus sign. For 11 years, from November 21, 2006 to November 22, 2017, he has conceded goals in 43 consecutive matches in the main tournament.

10. Juventus Turin.

Second anti-record on the list. "Juventus has lost in the final meeting of the tournament more than any other club (7 defeats). The last time in the 2016/2017 season.


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