Top ten best places to visit in New York

When you think of the top 10 best places for visit in New York, why do you think about Brooklyn or Manhattan? Or any other large city? There are so many places to visit in New NY, but which one is yours? To answer that question I’ve decided to travel around and check all my favorite places. Let’s get started!

1) Museum Of Modern Art - New York

It’s probably not what you would call a museum, but it definitely belongs to people that make museums all over New York. The Museon Contemporary Art opens from April 2 to October 30. It consists of over a dozen galleries with the most popular being the ‘Wallis & Futayo Galleries.’ You can buy the paintings to support your cause on this website. Here it displays modern art from the 20th and 21st century, mostly from the United States and Europe. Also you will find some sculptures, works by American artists, like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons. We also have the opportunity to tour a special exhibition of Van Gogh’s work. You can come here if you want to see famous artist at his own place. They try to bring out all the magic in their collections by organizing them into different themed rooms. They offer something fun for everyone. But there is something else that makes me excited as well. They just launched an online store for their collection, where you can order prints, sculptures, jewelry, digital photographs, even a piece, if you want to add more things to your space. On Monday, the exhibit called “The Last Moments of Henri Matisse” will be open in the building and it is expected to last six days. This show is one of those exhibits that will give you lots of chances to look at all the great paintings. And this museum has been awarded the honor of being the No.1 MOMA in 2016. The gallery takes care of the organization with its team, they are always giving new exhibitions and they still keep collecting new pieces. So if you’re interested, I suggest you to visit this place.

2) Sotheby’s International Realty New york

They have the biggest sales space in the whole country. If you’re looking for the world map and maybe your car, then this is the place you should go to. A lot of the items that you will find here are used cars and they have a ton of stuff for men too. It is a very good place to buy products from the past. They also include some nice objects that were made in the past but now they show it in a new way. The shop has a lot of interesting objects that are very old. Especially the furniture from the 1930’s. As you can see the huge room that is a place for selling jewelry, which includes many beautiful rings that they give to little girls that are willing to spend money when they buy these things. They even have their own catalog of books that are useful to anyone who wants to improve their skills of writing. The second section of the place is where they have many antiques that you can purchase. It contains everything for home improvement. Their prices are affordable and this explains why they became such a hit among collectors. They also have a lot of food, some nice cakes, cookies, drinks, sandwiches, fresh fruit juices and some amazing souvenirs. In addition, they have a lot of small stores that sell clothes, shoes, food, accessories, etc. and they are located in the central area of town New York and you can shop for them there also. Plus their food and gift shop has a lot of fresh flowers in the center of New York and it is located right next to Central Park and you can buy the things there if you like the flower arrangement. So if you want flowers and lots of flowers, then you should definitely come here to enjoy them. You can pay $500 for a bouquet and they will set the price of the bouquet for you, or if you want something more expensive you will have to pay a higher amount.

3) Fondazione Trevisana – Venice

Fondazione Trevisana is a palace of Venice from Italy that was built in 1768 and it is one of the best places for visit in Venice. With the beautiful architecture, one of the highlights on every visit to Venice is the palace. Located around the square San Marco del Veneto, it includes three towers: two on the sides of the square and one on the bottom. Its white marble walls are decorated with golden frescoes. There are almost 100 rooms inside of this palace that you can rent as you wish and the one that you choose you can rent only for five minutes. Another highlight is the garden with its wonderful views of the sea and its famous park Lido dei Frari. Along some of the rooms there are beautiful fountains. Everything is quite impressive and the palace provides visitors with an excellent view of Venice. Another highlight is you do not need to leave the hotel. Other areas like the guest house are available as well. And they have a really good breakfast menu too.

4) Grand Canal St Marka – Moscow

One incredible wonder that you have inside is the Grand Canal. Yes, it truly does reach the deepest water and it is the reason to hear the bell ring at midnight in New York City when you pass that bridge. It is the only thing that is worth a walk of this canal in Moscow. Inside the historic palace you can find fascinating structures that are completely original. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Moscow is the Palace of Russia on Ponomaryov Island. It looks like the White House without having to pay much attention to details. It is a huge area with several buildings. I was lucky enough to stay in one of the rooms that have a balcony that overlooks the Grand Canal.

5) Alcatraz - New York

When thinking of visiting Alcatraz, you might think that you must pass through a haunted house. But no, it isn’t that kind of place. Although you may have heard horror stories about this place. That’s not really true at Alcatraz. Many haunted houses are located here and it is only 2 km away from each other. All the rooms are designed to look similar as ghosts but it is just a myth. Some of the rooms might have their doors closed and the light coming in the corridors will make you feel scared. At night, they will also play songs that are hard to understand. Not only that, the sounds of dogs howling and roars can wake you up and make you fall asleep at once. There is also a certain type of noise that one might hear on the island, but it is nothing bad as it is just the sound of the ocean. That’s what happened so far. Even though there is a dark side to this place, you can never be sure about the same place that you’ve visited before. So if you love scary movies then you can definitely visit Alcatraz.

6) Little America - Washington D.C.

The Little USA is located right near the capitol of Washington. It is one of the most famous attractions in the world thanks to its architectural style and unique buildings. Just a short distance from Washington DC you can admire the beauty that is given off by the monuments made on the7) Museum of Natural History - Seattle

The Museum of Natural History is located in downtown, Seattle. The natural history exhibits are quite interesting. The first I saw were the apes from Africa, you could even say they are some of the most intelligent animals in the world and they have a long life expectancy. After that, I went to another exhibit called “The Extinct-Ursusia Fossanius Parva” and it is something awesome to watch animals like chimpanzees, lemurs, pangolins, gorillas, etc. You can see all the fossils that were found this place and we only spent 1 hour. The exhibits are organized in groups and they have various themes. A group can explore about a particular topic and can also have an educational trip, like going to Africa we saw chimpanzees and lemurs that lived in that period, then after seeing a monkey, you could learn about the animal behavior. That was my experience, so all in all one of the most interesting exhibitions I have ever seen and it should be mentioned that because one can travel all around the world and have more than 500 years of knowledge in one hand. I highly recommend it. The place is amazing and I hope I took some valuable lessons on how to make an informed decision and help to spread awareness about different topics.

8) National Gallery of Art

It was a pleasure to discover the entire gallery during our visit, and a dream just to stand there. Most works of the early 19th and early 20th century are displayed there. It is one of the few museums that has a variety of works from different times. The National Gallery of Art is located in Union Square and represents the artistic movements of the 20th century. It allows you to appreciate the influence of American culture even though art is a part of human life but it doesn’t tell us anything about it. What fascinates is the


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