Top Tips for Profitable Investing: Discover the 5 Best Opportunities to Invest in in 2022

In this guide we will see together exactly where to invest this year, outlining a series of fundamental tips to make your savings bear fruit .


This article is full of ideas, I have tested and selected a series of platforms that can be useful for you to better invest your money trying to show you the advantages of each of them.


Let's begin immediately to enter into the merits.


# 1 Micro Real Estate Investments

Today the internet has offered possibilities that were once unthinkable, we live in a magnificent era that allows us to do truly innovative things if we know how to seize the opportunities that present themselves to us.


I guess, if 10 years ago you were told that you could have a piece of an apartment in Madrid and one in London without leaving your home, in all likelihood, you would have laughed.


If, like me, you were still a kid 10 years ago it is likely that your parents would have laughed rightly.


Well, this opportunity has a name: it's called real estate crowdfunding .


In Italy it is possible to access many platforms that allow us, even with limited investments of € 50-100 , to participate in various construction projects or redevelopment of apartments and large real estate complexes.

Since there are not too many intermediaries, thanks to the power of the internet, many of these programs offer very attractive returns that often approach 10% .


Below I present to you a platform that, in my opinion, currently has the most interesting campaigns on which to make micro investments.


Re-Lender is a real estate crowdfunding platformspecializing in highly profitable investments on urban redevelopment and redevelopment projects in major European cities.


Among the main advantages I would like to point out:


Online registration in 1 minute ;

You will receive monthly interest up to 9% on your free account;

You will never pay investment commissions that are reset forever ;

Possibility of accessing highly profitable projects in the field of reconversion crowdfunding which are often more effective and profitable than traditional ones because they are based on the redevelopment of already important and developed areas;

Possibility of using the internal secondary market , unique of its kind, which allows you to resell shares of your investments to other investors before the natural expiration.

Re-Lender is a very advanced platform and authoritative newspapers such as Wall Street Italia , Finanza Online and Start-up Italia have spoken positively about it.


To participate in the best European real estate conversion projects, you just have to register on the official website .


# 2 Lend money to individuals with Smartika

The company is authorized to operate by the Bank of Italy and is part of the Sella Group, one of the main financial aggregates in our country.


The operation of Smartika is very simple: by registering on the platform we can lend money to private debtors in exchange for an interest rate.


Smartika acts as guarantor because it takes care of selecting debtors deemed suitable for the return.


The platform also divides debtors into various categories, Conservative, Balanced and Dynamic, which correspond to the creditworthiness of the same. 


The minimum investment to start is just € 100 and we can start lending money starting with denominations of € 10.


# 3 Green and ESG investments with Ener2Crowd

If you are sensitive to the issues of the green economy and the ESG criteria that require companies to have greater respect for ethical and environmental principles, you cannot fail to consider all this in your investment strategy also in light of the initiatives of the Next Generation EU which is based on transition . ecological.

The reference platform in Italy for green and ESG investments is Ener2Crowd which, with a few hundred euros, allows you to finance projects that aim at energy efficiency.


The investment method is that of the lending crowdfundng : with your money you finance operations in exchange for an interest rate recognized periodically or at maturity.


Ener2Crowd differs from other platforms on two fundamental points:


Absolute impartiality with respect to those who propose the projects : in the world of crowdfunding it has often happened that applicants were in some way connected with the platform, guaranteeing little to the investor . Ener2Crowd publicly undertakes to prevent this from happening;

Synthetic indicator of risk and opportunity : with the EnerScore it is possible to have a synthetic but absolutely indicative idea of ​​how risky a project is and at the same time profitable. This is a significant step forward made only by this platform which allows you, a bit like with other financial products, to immediately have an idea of ​​how much you are risking.

The operations have a concrete underlying because companies purchase land or plants to produce renewable energy or intervene on existing buildings to be made more efficient.


Ener2Crowd therefore allows you to perform:


Sustainable Investments: if you are sensitive to the environmental issue, you can make your contribution to the development of a sector with a future future and respectful of the environment;

Potentially profitable investments: the green economy is destined to dominate the scene of the next decade, this can be a way to hook the trend;

Investments shared with others with your same sensitivity: by registering you access a community of investors who share projects and values ​​and always stay updated on the latest offers that you can subscribe to.


# 4 Invest in high yield Italian real estate with Recrowd


With RECROWD you finance operations with the lending crowdfunding formula starting from only € 100 as a minimum investment.


In this way you can access investments with promising returns even with small amounts and, above all, you can diversify by distributing your capital across multiple properties.

RECROWD has already received awards from Il Sole 24 Ore , Wired and Milano Finanza and has quickly become one of the reference platforms for real estate investments with small amounts.


# 5 Define Your Goals

If you're starting now, let me give you some helpful advice. The most important thing to do at the beginning is the definition of the objectives : before thinking about the products or services it is essential that you ask yourself what is right for you.


If you have ended up on this page after some Google searches you will have realized that, all the other sites, have no interest in providing you with information but immediately aim to sell you things: most of them believe so little in what they write that he does it anonymously, without putting his face on it like me .


Since 2014 I have written thousands of articles on investments and I have made hundreds of hours of videos and podcasts in which I approach the topic with seriousness and precision: if you are new to My Business it might be useful for you to fill out the quiz that reveals what investor you are .


In this way I will guide you, in a comfortable and fast way, to the best personalized contents based on your starting situation and your expectations.



We have seen together a series of platforms where to start investing. As always, I advise you to train yourself properly by reading the free advice you find on the blog, downloading my free guide and following My Business on social channels (Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and iTunes).


Good investments.


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