Travel With a Dog: Rules, Documents and Vaccinations


Going on vacation with a dog in another city or country, the owner needs to prepare a whole set of documents for the tailed passenger. Such rules for the carriage of animals are common in all countries of the world and are controlled by the competent authorities, concerned about the risks of infecting local animals with various infections that can be transmitted from sick visiting dogs.


In this article we will look at what to consider for traveling with a dog, what veterinary, customs documents and vaccinations will be required when traveling with a dog in the country, Europe and the world.


What documents do I need to bring my dog?

The set of documents necessary for traveling with a dog is determined by the requirements of the country chosen for the trip.


Different European countries may have certain requirements for the carriage of animals, which is important to learn in advance. You can find out this information at the consulate of the country you choose to travel to.


Obligatory documents for traveling in Europe with a dog:


international veterinary passport;

Certificate of Birth, Form 5A;

EU-format veterinary certificate;

customs declaration;

certificate of absence or presence of pedigree value;

document confirming the right to the animal.

Five days prior to shipment, the dog should be examined by a veterinarian from the State Veterinary Service and confirm the healthy condition of the pet.


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