True horror in indian story (must watch)

This story is of gourav from India then I was 11 years old I live with my grandma and my sister when she was 17 years old one day I was eating dinner with my  grandma on the dining table but my sister was late you are late grandma commented she didn't say anything and event into her room next day I was woke up about 12:30 a.m. and went to a nice walk with my dog no one was there because it was nightbsuddenly I saw a dog in the bushes i I didn't mind a two and I told that it was a i street dog but certainly my dog stopped it was strange because my dog didn't responded  to street dogs he started growling two words certainly the dog went into a large and tall man my dog growl changed into bark he said don't you want to play with me as my grandmother was a spiritual woman she told me never to interact with any kind of spirit because that how you invite them into life I started running and I heard steps following us from back luckily in my local area there's plenty of temple so so I went into one of them when the sun rised about 5 a.m. I went to home and told my grandma everything about it luckily my grandma knew what was it she told me then a unborn child is killed then its spirit becomes chalva they are also known as the shape shifters because they take shape anything around them then I remembered that before they're the place I saw him was a hospital where abortions took place maybe the spirit was one of those babies my sister came from them and said sorry it was my mistake and cried hard and hard and hard 






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