Trump says he was vaccinated against the coronavirus with a Pfizer vaccine

Former U.S. President Donald Trump revealed for the first time that he was vaccinated against a coronavirus infection with a vaccine manufactured by Pfizer, and did not rule out that he might revaccinate.


"Well, I was vaccinated by Pfizer, but I would be very happy with any of them (vaccines)," the former White House leader told Yahoo Finance, an online portal.


To date, vaccines from three manufacturers - Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson - have been approved for use in the United States.


Recall that a year ago, 74-year-old Tram began to show symptoms of the disease - cough and elevated body temperature. Last October, the White House said it had decided to hospitalize him "for a few days as a precautionary measure." Later, Trump decided to let citizens know how he was feeling. In a video message, he said he was feeling better and planned to return to campaigning soon.


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