Twitter Makes Searching DMs Easier, Introduces Feature for Android!

Speaking about this latest feature from Twitter, the company spokesperson said, “This is a revolutionary feature from Twitter that will allow the users to help them search for old conversations quickly without having to scroll through all the DMs. They can now simply use the keywords on the search bar and they will have the conversation available in front of them.”

This is just like you can share a conversation on your WhatsApp.

This new feature was announced through a tweet by Twitter Support. According to the users who are already using this feature on their iOS devices, this is really cool to search for your conversations without having to go through the whole list of the conversations. You can simply use the keywords that you have used in a particular conversation and jump to a particular conversation without any hassle. The social media platform will also to this feature by letting users search for content they’ve shared in DMs through the search bar.


Twitter Latest Update Twitter Latest Update

The official Tweet from the platform says “We’ve brought the DM search bar to Android and are rolling out an improved version that lets you search for all of your old convos, not just the most recent ones,”

“Waiting for the option to search your DMs for message content? We’re working on releasing that later this year!”


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