Types of earnings on cryptocurrency for beginners

As cryptocurrency grows in popularity and legitimacy, more and more people are starting to see it as a way to make money. Sometimes it takes some investment to earn an income, sometimes it just takes time and effort.This article looks at all the ways you can earn cryptocurrency in 2022, from full-scale projects to the simplest schemes.


Ways to make money without investing:

1. Cranes (faucets);

2. Games;

3. Freelancing for cryptocurrency;

4. Affiliate and referral programs;

5. Airdrop/lockdrop/bounty campaigns.


Ways to earn cryptocurrency with investments:

1. Cryptocurrency mining;

2. Trading on exchanges;

3. Investing;

4. Cryptocurrency lending;

5. Masterminds;

6. Stacking;

7. Cryptocurrency lending;

8.Earning on the difference of exchange rates;

Creating your own business: crane, exchanger, exchange, mixer, etc.

Cryptocurrency exchanges - buying and trading digital assets

It is worth considering cryptocurrency exchanges in the first place in terms of reliability for working with cryptocurrency. To exchange cryptocurrencies, you need to register on a proven cryptocurrency exchange (such as Binance) and make a deposit in traditional currency or crypto-assets. You can make money from cryptocurrency rate hikes by selling at a higher rate than buying.


Variety of cryptocurrencies: you can buy/sell any coin that is investment attractive to you;the minimum entry deposit to the exchange allows you to work with small amounts;opportunity to earn a lot by buying currency cheaply and giving it away at a higher rate;the prices of cryptocurrency on exchanges are determined solely by the supply and demand ratio, and not by adding a markup to the market price, as in the case of exchange services, so it is more profitable to trade cryptocurrency on exchanges;large reserves of popular cryptocurrencies.



The set of currency pairs on different exchanges differs: everywhere there is Bitcoin, but there may be no less popular young currencies;need to pay a commission for the exchange, the amount of which also varies depending on the particular trading platform;not all exchangers support fiat currency and only allow you to fund your account with cryptocurrency, which you must first buy from an exchanger; is time-consuming, because you need to constantly monitor the dynamics of the rate and be ready to quickly respond to its changes.

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