Types of perfume

When you start looking at perfumes, one of the first things you will see is a list of words used to show the different types of perfumes and perfumes on the market. Other common names you will see are perfume, cologne, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette. These words are often confused with each other, and when you buy perfume, it helps to know what it is.




Perfume is the widest of the categories. The name refers to both body odor in general, and a specific type of odor, in particular. By its very nature, perfumes include all the other names, but not all fragrant body oils.


As the name implies, fragrances refer to the most intense, long-lasting aroma. Most perfumes are a “concentrated” scent, which means they contain a combination of different perfumes. These layers of fragrance are called “notes” in the French perfume industry, and are not randomly selected.


Typical perfumes have three notes. First, it has a very strong odor, and it lasts a very short time. These are the scents you will smell when you first apply the perfume, but they will usually wear out within a few hours, revealing the next layer…


The second layer, or “middle note,” is made with a mild odor that lasts until noon or late afternoon. In the evening, the third and final layer is what is left of the perfume. This is often the most subtle odor; or lasts longer, its energy will decrease by the day.


As a result of this setting, the finest fragrances will gradually change its aroma throughout the day. Perfumes perfume perfect the science of fragrance, so that the layers are thinner, and the change of scent, while visible, is subtle and fun.




The next category of perfumes is cologne. I used to think that cologne was a simple word meaning "men's perfume," but in reality it is not. Cologne is fragrant, but it has only one odor. As a result, both colognes are strong and short lasting. The reasons for this seeming paradox are related.


Colognes, with only one scent, will go faster than perfume. To measure that, they are prepared with a strong aroma, lasting as long as possible. This gives colognes less subtlety than perfume, and makes it easier to "overdo it" when you use them.


And back to my first misconception about cologne; while it is true that cologne is not only for men, and that many of the beautiful women's cologne is on the market, many men's fragrances outside are fragrant. And even men's perfumes are regularly sold under the name "cologne." Maybe the perfume doesn't sound like men enough….


Eau de…


The last two categories of liquid-based perfumes are eau de parfum and eau de toilette. “Eau” in French for water, and “toilet” in French for the act of dressing and grooming; Eau de parfum and eau de toilette, respectively, "fragrant water" and "make-up water." Both eau de parfum are very popular.


Eau de parfum is a low-cost form, based on a single goal, but less potent than cologne. This is a fragrance for women who like to rub on their wrists or necks, using a glass lid. This type of perfume can last all day, but it will definitely last all day.


The eau de toilette is similar to the eau de parfum, but it is less durable, and less expensive. Usually, these fragrances last a few hours, but because they are cheaper, and they are sold in smaller bags that are easily carried in a bag or purse, it is easy to replenish the aroma during the day. The eau de toilette is usually not a strong odor.


Lotions and creams


In the end, most body oils and creams are fragrant, but these are not the scent. They usually contain aromatic oils with almost the same concentration as eau de toilette: it is enough to get, but not enough to overcome the energy, and probably not enough to last more than a few hours. Such oils are not intended to treat the skin, not as fragrances. If you want a body scent, it costs more to buy a good eau de toilette or eau de parfum than a scented lotion.


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