Typewriters: The Forgotten Technology Of The Yesteryear

We all know about typewriters, even if they seem ancient in 2021. When we think of typewriters, we think of something that passed long ago thanks to computers and printers. It might seem odd, but your parents owned a typewriter when they were children, just like you did. So did your grandparents. Turns out, typewriters were commonly used until the early 2000’s thanks to technology. Nowadays, of course, typewriters just feel...older than they are. As if they are a relic that was only used 50 years ago. 


Typewriters are most certainly a rarity today. You might find one while rummaging through your grandmother’s attic, or while you walk past a vintage store. Maybe your local goodwill has one. Either way, typewriters didn’t just disappear into thin air. Of course, they have gotten progressively harder to find, since not many companies still want to manufacture them. Even so, you can still purchase typewriters for anywhere between 200-500$ online. The industry is certainly on its last legs, yet a few manufacturers still decided to make typewriters. If you're looking for a manual, though, It may be harder to find than you imagine. Most typewriters these days are electric due to the ease of use compared to manual typewriters. 


The few companies that do sell typewriters have mixed reviews. Some typewriters are made too cheaply and fall apart while others fuss over the manuals not being clear enough. It’s as if some companies simply don’t care about the quality. As long as the price tag makes people believe that it’s high-quality, then it must be amazing. The typewriters that do seem to have a generally good performance are the Nakajima 150 and 160, the Hermes 3000, and the Royal Scriptor typewriter. Of course, if I had the time and money to buy all these, sit down, and review them, I could give a more informed opinion. Sadly, I don’t have either of those things and it would be best for you to consult reviews and other articles before making your choice on what typewriter to buy.


Typewriters have gone out of fashion about 15-20 years ago. But that doesn't mean they aren’t iconic. When I think of typewriters, I think of my father typing away while he drank his morning coffee and I watched He-Man: Masters of the Universe on the T.V. that I would think is much too small and wide today. But some people enjoy the ambiance of a typewriter, and of writing down anything that comes to mind on a crisp piece of paper as the sun rises. Typewriters are a symbol of writing, literature, and knowledge. Perhaps they are a symbol of your childhood or your passion for writing in the ’80s and ’90s. Either way, they were undoubtedly killed by computers. But those who want to buy typewriters will buy typewriters, out of fashion and retro or not. If the typewriter industry will fall further than it is now, then a symbol of intellect will be lost as well.


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