Need Help To Become More Clear About Your Career Choices?

Whether we talk about selecting streams in class 11th after 10th boards or selecting the perfect degree for you , or thinking about masters or thinking about cracking high competitive exams most of the students don't know which path will be fruitful for them in future .

Students mostly make these decisions based on their friends choices , family pressure and why not ? How can a student make best decisions when they haven't got enough experiences in life or they haven't tried all the things . How can they say which is better for them . 

So now i would like to talk how can you overcome your inability to make career decisions.

I think everybody is different and have different interests so something which worked for your friend, neighbour or relative might not workout fo you , so based on your interests you should choose because every field requires efforts and hard work , so if choosing something that you are not interested in will lead to you not performing good enough in that particular field because you won't be able to give your 100% in that thing.

My suggestions

  1. Try as much things as possible in your life.
  2. Even if you took a wrong decision try to make it work because that is not the end of your life 
  3. Work for your interests 
  4. Don't listen to negative people 
  5. Get along with people that help you to grow and improve constantly. 
  6. Find a mentor


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