Update to iOS 15 "breaks" the voice control of AirPods Pro

Following the bug in determining the available memory on the device, users of iOS 15 reported another problem with the new version of the operating system. The update disables the ability to switch AirPods Pro's noise cancelling modes using your voice

Usually the user can turn to Siri, and in addition to the standard functions of the voice assistant, it also allows you to control active noise cancellation without touching the smartphone. Now there are reports on Reddit that when asked to turn noise cancellation on or off, Siri answers "Sorry, I can't do that. 


The problem only affected AirPods Pro: AirPods Max noise cancellation can still be controlled using Siri.

At the same time, users using the beta version of iOS 15.1 note that the AirPods Pro voice control works correctly. This is confirmed by the publication MacRumors after testing the new firmware. 


It's still unclear when the public release of iOS 15.1 will take place, but the beta became available on September 21, so AirPods Pro users will have to switch modes manually for a few more weeks. Those who are used to relying on Siri to switch modes and don't want to give up this feature now have only one option: switch to the iOS 15.1 beta.


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