Vegan food products are redefining the way people eat, making it easier to go vegan every day

Today, vegan options are more easily accessible and more convenient than ever. Even after going vegan, many people find it hard to adopt a vegan diet every day. But thanks to new vegan products and technologies, not only can you eat well on a plant-based diet, but it can be done in your own kitchen or even at the store with your phone.

The number of vegans in the U.S. has risen by more than 400% since 2014, with more than 26 million people identifying as vegan today. Vegan products are making it easier for consumers to go vegan every day. In fact, more and more people are doing so, as the numbers show. In a 2016 study by the Plant Based Foods Association, 63% of respondents indicated that they had gone vegan or vegetarian in the past year. A growing number of consumers are looking for products that are vegan-friendly and conveniently available out there on the market. With an ever growing number of vegans and vegetarians around the world, many people are making the switch to veganism every day. We are seeing this rise in popularity for reasons including personal ethics, health and concern for the environment. Veganism is also becoming fashionable as more and more celebrities have followed suit with adopting this lifestyle choice. A new study in the journal Appetite indicates that a substantial proportion of those who claim to be non-vegan are misreporting. The study, which looked at data from the highly regarded Global Vegetarian and Vegan Market Report, found that nearly half of all respondents reported eating vegan every day and many said they went vegetarian if they failed to meet their target intake on at least 5% of days.

All of my life, there was a time that was considered "non-vegan" foods. Eating a lot of animal products is something that is completely foreign to me. But, going vegan is not hard - it just takes a change in your lifestyle and a willingness to research foods and cooking techniques that you know are better for you. From vegan meals, to frozen foods and even ice cream, the vegan products market is growing at an exponential rate. This is making it easier for consumers to go vegan every day. Normalizing veganism or removing the misconception that vegans are under cooked is the best way to start shifting attitudes and perceptions. If a non-vegan sees the produce aisle at a grocery store and sees all the vegan options, they might reconsider their views. Vegan products are finally being recognized as not only healthy, but kind and sustainable.

The vegan lifestyle is on the rise, and with that comes an ever-growing selection of foods designed to help you stay vegan. From nut milks to protein powders, all of these products are motivated consumers to go vegan every day. If you're new to veganism, there's no need to stress about the health benefits. With vegan products available by the jar, you can easily transition your diet and make a lasting change. There are plenty of b12-fortified vegan products on the market today, so it can be easy to get everything you need. Finding a healthy, cruelty-free brand is one way to ensure that your daily nutrition is full of plant-based goodness. Vegan food for everyone is becoming more and more available, and vegan consumers are making the shift to veganism every day - even when it isn't convenient. Vegan products are a quick and easy way for anyone to ditch animal products from their diet. With these vegan alternatives, you can get more protein and antioxidants in your food while simultaneously reducing animal suffering.

There is a huge trend in food today and it's vegan. From premium food to junk foods, a new day has dawned for vegetarian diet. A lot of people are switching to vegan diets because they want to be healthier, or even to lose weight. Their reasons go on and on, but it's not just the consumers who are driving this great change, the manufacturers too have realized that there is money to be made out of vegans too. Many vegan products have been developed to make the transition to a lifestyle free of animal products easier. These products include personal care items, such as toothpaste or shampoos, household cleaners and cleaning supplies, food products that are linked to the labeling of the product, like meat-free cheeses. With veganism on the rise, there are plenty of ways for vegans to get their daily fix. Choose from a variety of vegan products and services, including: healthy meal delivery; specialty food delivery; and vegan grocery delivery. From high-end vegan restaurants to your friendly corner market, plant-based foods are more readily available than ever before. To some, this means choosing ingredients that don’t harm animals, aliens or humans. To others, it means enjoying the wide variety of flavors that food has to offer. In today’s fast-paced, busy world, it’s easy to lose track of our loved ones in the hustle and bustle. The best way to keep family close? Set a time every week--like Sunday night supper--for everyone to get together. No one gets too busy if they always know they have a schedule to stick to.

Bottom line, fake meat and cheese are two areas where veganism has gained traction in the mainstream. Both companies behind these products have made large strides in making animal-free foods more accessible to everyone. This is a win for vegetarians, vegans, the industry and the environment.


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