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Spells from Vanga.


The famous soothsayer shared with the population her method for getting rid of poverty. It should be carried out on Saturday night. All that is necessary from you, going to sleep, relax and imagine the desired amount in details. You have to imagine it vividly and repeat the following 9 times


"My wish is strong, I want it to come true.


Then you should wait until 4 a.m., go outside and with the first rays of the sun say:


"Rise early in the morning so that the sun will give me strength. Let the sun's rays know that I need (name the amount). Teach me where to find it and how to get it."


Repeat this three times. Remember that you can get only that sum which you wished.


Make a wish on Easter and Maundy Thursday (Easter and Maundy Thursday).


The Easter holiday is able to radically change the life of the one who asks for it. It is enough to decorate an egg in yellow with a brown grid, and on the eve of the holiday, place in a corner of the bedroom the largest bill, putting an egg on it. The next morning, eat the egg with the words:


"The egg and the ruble will stay in my house forever. So the money will stay here forever".


On Great Thursday, you can also perform various rituals for money. Wait until you are alone in the house, go out at dawn on the street with coins in your hands and recite:


"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, please send generous contributions to my house. Amen."


Waning Moon Conspiracy.


All you have to do is wait until dawn, cut off a piece of white bread and condemn it:


"Poverty and misfortune I remove, I finish the crumbs of bread. There will be no more change in my life. Poverty quickly goes away from me. Holy bread will help home and predispose me."


In this way, the spiritual world will be always full of enthusiasm and wisdom.


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As you can see, the incantations and prayers are striking in their diversity. Rituals help someone who gets rid of problems, even after many years. Poverty is a solvable problem, which is definitely up to you.


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