Waste-free living: 10 ways to produce less trash

Waste-free living: 10 ways to produce less trash  


More and more people are becoming advocates of the "zero waste" concept. Many are forced to reduce the amount of garbage due to banal laziness, so as not to take out the waste every day. Others are concerned with the environment. Our tips are universal for everyone - no matter what reason prompted you to decide to produce less trash. 


1. Opting for polyethylene-free     

Instead of polyethylene bags use fabric eco-bags and fabric pouches. An eco-bag with a couple of eco-pouches can be easily put even into a lady's purse.  


2. Minimal packaging     

Choose products that use minimal materials for packaging. Ideally, buy products with no packaging. Almost any healthy food can be taken by weight - cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, dried fruit and tea. Ask to put it in your eco-bag and then transfer it into a glass container at home. 


3. No bottles     

If you really want to cut down on trash, give up bottled drinks. You can always filter your water. And you can make your own lemonade if need be. Less trash and more good. 


4. Recharge your batteries     

Didn't you know that one AA battery can contaminate 20 square meters of land with heavy metals? And it takes hundreds of years to decompose that toxic metals. Reuse batteries by recharging them through a rechargeable battery. It's no problem to buy a battery charger. 


5. Less chemicals     

It turns out that you can get your whole house clean with just baking soda and vinegar. And a little essential oil will add a pleasant aroma to this "household chemicals".  


6. Nothing unnecessary     

Marketers work hard to earn their bread forcing us to buy everything in a row. We buy too many unnecessary things on impulse. To prevent this from happening, plan your purchases in advance and make lists. 


7. Recycle     

Get separate bags for paper, plastic, and anything else that recycles. By the way, tin cans are scrap metal and shampoo bottles are plastic. 


8. Buy a thermo-cup     

What do you think the cups that you pour your coffee into at the take-out or vending machine are made of? Most of the so-called "paper" cups are covered with plastic film. The same plastic that you need to cut down on. So, get yourself a thermo-cup and pour freshly brewed coffee into it in the morning. There will be less trash, and you will save money. 


9. Waste on rags     

Tear up old clothes and threadbare linens into rags and use them to clean your house instead of buying rags at hardware stores.  


10. Giving away instead of throwing away     

If you don't need an item anymore it doesn't mean that no one else wants it. Don't throw it away. Take a picture and put it up at some flea market - less trash and good deed at the same time.


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