Watch as Metallica, Miley Cyrus Perform 'Nothing Else Matters' on 'Howard Harsh Show'

Miley Cyrus played out Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" close by the substantial metal legends on Thursday's Howard Harsh Show, with the presentation coming only hours before the appearance of the top pick covers LP Metallica Boycott. 

Cyrus previously played out the "Dark Collection" exemplary during her set at the 2019 Glastonbury Celebration, she disclosed to Howard Harsh before the presentation. 


"At the point when I initially began covering this tune, it was intended for Glastonbury, in light of the fact that it is tied in with respecting music, and 'nothing else matters' at that point… It was around fourteen days before the world realized I was getting a separation… I had recently lost my home in the [California] fires," Cyrus said of her association with the track, which she covers — close by Elton John, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, Yo-Yo Mama, Watt, and Intensely hot Stew Peppers drummer Chad Smith — on The Metallica Boycott. 


"I was so devastated and my motivation was coming from this presentation. I got calm around then. I truly pulled my screwing poo together. This tune was what drove me to that spot, since I knew nothing else made a difference. My life concerning love was self-destructing, yet I had my affection for music." 


While Elton John didn't participate in the presentation (he plays the piano introduction and outro on Cyrus' Boycott form), the artist zoomed into the Harsh show to discuss "Nothing Else Matters," "perhaps the best tune at any point composed." The commendation made James Hetfield well up inwardly. 


"You can't actually characterize them," John said. "They're not a substantial metal band; they're a melodic band. Their melodies aren't simply weighty metal, they're excellent tunes. This is simply a particularly melodic tune. It's freaking extraordinary really." 


Notwithstanding the meetings, Metallica additionally conveyed an in-studio version of "Tragic However Obvious": 


Both the Metallica Boycott and the monstrous "Dark Collection" reissue are out at this point


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