Watch Streams, Participate In The Community, And Earn Bitcoin Cash While Having Fun!


Embark on an epic crusade with Bitcoin Cash, where gaming and cryptocurrency collide in a dynamic realm!


What better way to earn some cryptocurrency and have fun in the process than watching a Fortnite stream?


Bitcoin Cash TV is a top gaming show by Bitcoin Cash enthusiast bChad.


The show has distributed a fair amount of BCH (more than 15) over the last year it has been running using Cashrain (the community booster tool and BCH airdrop distribution service created by Kim Dotcom).


We explore the details of the Bitcoin Cash TV show and start earning some BCH sats while watching a gamer streaming!


Massive Rains Of Bitcoin Cash ($BCH)!

On Cashrain, Bitcoin Cash TV has the account with the most Cashrains distributed and is almost always featured as the hottest community.


Bitcoin Cash TV has airdropped 15.2 BCH or $2,200 but in fact, the amount is much higher, reaching closer to $3,500 if we consider the price of BCH increased remarkably in 2023.


The show includes various daily Cashrain tasks for, Giveaways with Ruffle and Cashrain keys, and Cashrain lootboxes.


With Cashrain all drops are entirely transparent, and a fair distribution is guaranteed.


The payments are also verifiable on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and blockchain explorers, so there is no question about transparency.


Bitcoin Cash TV Entertainment

Viewers will find an awesome gamer doing what he likes most and sharing Bitcoin Cash with the community in the process.


The entertainment factor includes gaming solo or with other members of the community.


Some of the games Bitcoin Cash TV streams:








Path Of Exile


bChad is quite entertaining and interacts with the community constantly, with viewers also joining Fortnite and other games.



bChad is spending his free time streaming, promoting Bitcoin Cash, and rewarding his community for participation. Given that the man has a job and a family, it is commendable that he’s putting in such impressive effort into his show during his limited free time. He deserves a thumbs up (and follow) for his dedication.


Bitcoin Cash TV is not funded or sponsored, so all the money on the Cashrains is coming out of bChad’s pocket, and the income from all the platforms is not significant enough to cover but a small part of these expenses.


I have subbed on Twitch as I believe we should be supporting people creating a positive image for the whole cryptocurrency sector, and perhaps more will follow bChad’s footsteps.


The Bitcoin Cash community has embraced the channel, yet it could also afford some donations or Twitch subs so bChad won’t have to bear all of the cost.


The amounts from the Cashrains can be considered small, but as a friend once told me, the small Cashrains add up to the wallet and become a massive wave!


If anyone is searching for ways to earn cryptocurrency, I think it would be a good idea for them to consider Bitcoin Cash TV as an option.


Bitcoin Cash TV links:










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