We actually enjoy the most hard path towards success

What is success?


We all want this thing in life and that is what we call success. When our efforts meet their results and when we are satisfied by the result we get, we call it success. But what if we do not meet the expected results? Or if we have to travel a very difficult path to attain that success? Yes, that’s what we are going to discuss in this section today. 

Why do we always want to succeed in life?

Don’t we all want to succeed in life? Yes we all do. But the definition of success is measured by certain units and one of such units is called ‘ money’. There are other units of measurement of success too. But we often measure our success by the money we earn. And there is no wrong in this as long as we do not fall into the trap of greediness. 

When do we actually enjoy success?

We actually enjoy success when we look back to measure the pain we have taken to meet that success in life. We all are programmed in such a way that if we do not get plight while achieving success, we do not value our success so much. We actually enjoy the rough road towards achieving success. And no matter how easy we can get success at our door, we are not convinced until we reach the difficult way.  

Can we always enjoy success?

We can always enjoy success given that we get to measure the pain we have taken in achieving that success. If we do not get any pain we never value our success. And that’s the way it is. We value our pain more than our success and when we do not see that pain while achieving success, we Humans do not acknowledge the achievement as success. 

Do we really enjoy difficulties in life?

Yes, we actually. No matter how much we complain about the hardships in our lives. We actually are happy when we get that pain. That pain we face while reaching success is what qualifies our success as a success. We often say ‘No pain, no gain”. Yes, that's what we believe from the core of our heart. 

What is the hardest path to success?

The path which actually gives us pain and we face lots of difficulty in that path. That’s what is our favourite path to success. And that hardest path to success is achieved by working day in and day out and exhausting our minds and soul and body towards achieving perfection. And that’s truly what we call the hardest path to success.

Why don't we actually enjoy the easy path to success?

The easy path to success is never enjoyed or valued . The path to success which is enjoyed is the hard path. And that’s what we try to find in our life. We are never satisfied with our success. We want more and more until we reach that toughest path towards achieving our target.

So what actually matters is not what we reach but the process in which it is attained in life. We actually enjoy the process more than the objective or the goal.


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