What happens to your body when you dream?

When the patient falls asleep, all November movements stop, except for the eyes. But during dreaming, the brain and imagination do not stop, but, on the contrary, continue to work.


The human brain is as active in sleep as it is in wakefulness. during an 8-hour sleep, a normal adult Decays between the two stages of sleep. These stages are the rem stage (rapid eye moment) and the non-rem stage (non-rapid eye moment). The cycle continues as if there is no rem. In a normal sleep, 45 cycles are experienced.


It is also known as slow sleep. No adjustment means the absence of rapid eye movement, that is, deep sleep. At this stage, fatigue and physical damage caused during the day are eliminated. It represents an average of 75% of the sleep cycle. It consists of 4 stages that gradually deepen. 1. and 2. the stages are shallow slow wave sleep and 3. and 4. the stages are deep slow wave sleep. Dreams seen during this period are usually not remembered.

1. STAGE: This is the stage of falling asleep. There is a slight decrease in November activity. Eye movements are slow and bidirectional. Sometimes it happens at night. 

2. STAGE: Slow eye movement continues. November activity decreases slightly. Theta waves continue in the brain. 

3. STAGE: Deep sleep. Delta waves are visible in the brain. The November activity decreases even more. Sometimes slow eye movements can be observed. 

 4. STEP: If phase 3 delta waves account for 2050% of sleep, then phase 4 is mentioned.


Brain activity is close to the state of wakefulness. Rem stands for rapid eye movement. The body is in a state of temporary paralysis. 8090% of dreams come true at this stage. The REM stage reconstructs us. 

It differs in rem and non-rem periods. Black and white dreams occur during periods of non-rem and occur more often. At the REM stage, there are colorful dreams in which unusual things can happen.While we are dreaming, our brain and imagination do not stop and continue to work. In fact, the whole event that makes us dream begins in the brain stem and puts our body into a state of sleep. When we enter REM sleep, the movements of all November muscles, except our eyes, temporarily stop. Some experts say that at that moment, brain stem cells form shapes by connecting with each other by chance, and dreams are formed when trying to understand these shapes.


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