What is a non-working environment?

Practical Environment

was a practical environment at that time; An area that aids development. Some places do not lag and motivate a person to act naturally, yet allow them.

Here, they can communicate what their identity is and have a sense of security. Good moods and meditations also take place in this environment.

Useless environment

An involuntary environment is then a place that does not consider the above. It can be an environment where they constantly bargain for their features and themselves. In any case, the person is not justified or recognized, which distinguishes what their identity is.




The word entryway rings the bell here; There are no limits in this environment. Feeling negative and thinking additionally occurs. Goes on like a parasite without cause or notice. Caused by being in this kind of environment Another common result addition.

Cognizant and unconscious environments WithCognizant

these two models, we can see that one is the classifiable atmosphere and the other is the inverse atmosphere.

By this, I mean the atmosphere of the broken environment and the effects of that behavior are invisible environments. People in the environment know nothing about their activities or harm; it is happening wholeheartedly or intellectually.




If the catch is

They may be forgiven or ignored by commenting or mentioning how they felt to the person or people in the environment. It depends on how broken the atmosphere is.

Frog metaphor

This is a story that can be used to clarify the unfaithful idea of ​​a useless environment. It is about a frog; it is placed in a skillet and cooked constantly; it has no  ​​fog or can notice a temperature difference. It is careless about what happens and its inevitable death. It is familiar with what is encountered.


 Furthermore, after this slow ascent, the frog kicked the bucket.


So how does it relate to dysfunctional environments?

Inside this environment, they see from the beginning that it is deteriorating. However, if one enjoys withdrawal or can be seen from another perspective except getting out of the atmosphere, they can get a great feeling inside this atmosphere, with their unique perspective and alive; Quick to transition into ancient history.

At present, it may be a direct result of a progressive drip feed approach or the slow cooking approach previously suggested. Similarly, it may be because it is a great environment and an environment that feels protective to them; These sounds are ridiculous. It helps them to remember a set of their experiences and what not to take.




How is it?

One may never be in a useful environment. It can be not very comfortable to see the difference and to have the opportunity to disagree with different situations in their daily existence. One can agree that this is what life is all about and that there is no such thing as a ‘practical climate’ or that it is unreal for them.



has a whole set of experiences of our own, some sections bringing us different parts that make us feel happy and feelings of anger or disgust. It's just non - disappearing history; It should be seen here and there. It could be by directly confronting anything or by the help of a mentor, for example.



Pulling into our past

brings the mind into unfamiliar situations as if we were unknowingly protected. These situations are not usually places where we engage or respect what our identity is. They are conditions that reflect the practices, attitudes, and meditations of our youth.



It is the result of the thought of the mind and how it is added and makes connections. Being young is natural, and self-image is protective of the mind; Pay a little attention to whether it is useful or not. 

What happens accordingly is that these supplements are practical and valuable, ending in politely beneficial circumstances in any case.



Unfortunate Associations In

In any case, these are not all sound or beneficial; You may find that they are probably closing under similar circumstances. Debilitating conditions and deliberately do not reflect what is needed or what their heart desires. There, their energy is being taken away, and the energy is not being given back.


Childhood Environment 

mentioned above about our later environments that reflect the attitudes and considerations of the practices of our youth environment in a context where they are not maintained.

The simple things of that year go forward to show and work in our present-day circumstances. These may be things that interest us; Challenges that appear again and again.



that recent studies have shown to be

I read about a meeting of rodent infants more hereditary than small species of rats. Given the chance of these mice being left with their organic mothers, they will probably be unlucky and pushed. However, in the context of these hamster puppies being fitted with mothers of other mice that are not unfortunate; They grew up without fear.

Environmental energy

These may be the rats we are discussing here right now, yet it is the power of the environment in molding how we see ourselves and who we are.

There is a constant debate about support against nature and the impact that hereditary traits have on life. However, it has been found that there is a need to implement a trigger through research on epigenetic traits and that trigger environment.



The weather is having an impact. Choosing our surroundings and consequently investing the people in our lives and our energy is essential to our well-being and in achieving our fantasies. The regular tilt of our mind is to return to what is particularly great and exactly what is recognizable.

Wear identity

do not have to describe what is or what happened in adolescence, what happened in our past, or our identity. That’s what we could do in every snapshot of our lives.

My name is Srinivas, and I have been on a mindful excursion for over nine years and have had a characteristic interest for a long time before this. I have been composing articles for over two years. These include brain science and distance. This additionally led to the poem.



One of my expectations is to be as enthusiastic about others as I am for others and continue with myself. Just like composing essays and making verses, I also offer personal instruction. 


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