What is coronavirus revaccination and why is it necessary?

What is revaccination?

A booster shot is a booster shot given some time after a person has already been vaccinated. Vaccinations are usually repeatedEverybody should know! Questions and answers on vaccine prevention / Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the Tomsk region once every few years. But the frequency depends on the specific disease with which the vaccine fights.


For example, revaccination against tetanus is carried out once every 10 years. And against influenza - once a year.

Why is it needed?

The immunity that appears after the first course of vaccination is not always stable. Sometimes it begins to decline after a period of time and is no longer able to fight the pathogen effectively. Revaccination is a way to both train the immune system and strengthen the weakened immune system. It is no coincidence that revaccinations, which are given repeatedly, are referred to in the English-language medical literature as booster shots, that is, supporting, reinforcing.


It is not always necessary to revaccinate. If you take yellow fever, for example, you only need to be vaccinated once to protect against it. After receiving the shot, the body forms a very strong immunity, which lasts a lifetime. And the yellow fever virus is not changeable and cannot slip through the formed barrier.


Therefore, revaccination is only required when the body's self-protection is less resistant, which makes it necessary to strengthen it from time to time.

What does it mean? How often should I be revaccinated against coronavirus?

According to current medical thinking, the protective effect of existing covid vaccines is waning - how much does that matter? / Nature at a fairly high level for about six months. Then it may make sense to revaccinate.


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