What is Paytm? How to use it

How to use Paytm App Details 

  • Want to know what is Paytm App and how to use it?
  • Do you want to do Cashless Transaction from Paytm?
  • Do you want to get complete details of Paytm App?
  • Do you want to know how to open a new account on Paytm App?

If yes, then this post is going to help you a lot. 


Also, we have given all the information about all the features of Paytm App in this post


Come friends, today we tell you what is Paytm Application and how you can keep an online wallet, recharge and do shopping, movie, flight, train tickets, and many other bills like electricity, DTH, metro. 


You can also pay for Broadband and Insurance


What is Paytm App?


Paytm is a company that provides people with the facility to do cashless transactions for many services through its website and app. 


The Android or Iphone application of the Paytm company is called Paytm App.


This website or company was established by Vijay Shekhar in the year 2010.


How to Download Paytm App?


Paytm App is available in App Marketplace of all Smartphones. 


People using Paytm in Download Paytm App according to the OS of their Smartphone from the links given belowUsed to do online recharge, but in today's day it provides many more facilities than them. 


The biggest thing is that Paytm is the biggest Trusted Shopping India today


The following services are currently available on Paytm App or we can also call them benefits of Paytm


You can send money from one Paytm Registered Mobile Number to another Paytm Registered Mobile Numbe


Received money 


Withdraw can also be done in your bank account.our. –.


You can easily recharge your mobile phone, Dish, book railway or flight tickets or you can also pay for metro, electricity bill, broadband etc.


You also get many shopping discounts on Paytm.


How to Create New Account on Paytm App?


First of all I want to tell you that an active internet connection is required to use Paytm App. 


After that you need an active mobile number. 


Let's understand step by stepFirst of all go to Profile in your Paytm App and click on Login to Paytm.


After that you will see the login page of Paytm App


As if you are a new user, click on Sign Up


After that you will see a second Sign Up to Paytm Tab, if you have Facebook or Google+ account then you can sign up quickly


If you do not have a Facebook or Google+ account, then fill up the Sign Up Form


After that an OTP (One Time Password) will be received on your put mobile number, put it on the Enter OTP pag


After verification is successful, your account login will be done.


To complete any online transaction as soon as possible, it is most important to keep money in the wallet, that is why first of all add money to your Paytm Wallet.


How to fill money in Wallet through Add Money in Paytm App?


After that you have to select your bank and complete the transaction.


Immediately after the completion of the transaction, you will show the added amount in Paytm Wallet.


How to Transfer Money in Paytm App?


In Paytm App you can send to any other Paytm Registered User. 


You can send the money in your Wallet for Money Transfer. 


If you do not have money in your Wallet, then first add money through Add Money.


Main 3 ways to transfer money are present in Paytm App –


Scan Code


You can send money by scanning the code of whomever you want to send money. 


These facilities are being installed in most of the shops these days, where you will see this type of Paytm Code. 


As soon as they scan, their name will appear in your App. 


After confirmation, you can transfer money.


Mobile NumberYou can also transfer money with the option of this mobile number. 


After clicking on Mobile Number Tab, you will see a page where you have to put Amount Receiver's Mobile Phone No., Amount and reason for sending money and click on Send Money button


After that you will see the name of Receiver User to be confir


After confirming, you can transfer money to that user at the same time.


Show Code


In this option, your Paytm App generates an OTP Code and Bar Code which you have to give to the person receiving the money. 


If the receiver scans that code or by putting the OTP in his app, he can also receive money.


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