What is PPC? How do keywords work in paid search ads?

What is PPC? 

(PPC Kya Hai) How does it work? 

And, all the important things that you should know about PPC advertising, in this article we are going to answer all these questions for you. 

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What is PPC? 


PPC is a model of Internet marketing in which advertisers pay a certain amount of money when one of their ads is clicked. 

That's why it's name, that's why its full name is Pay-Per-Click Pay-Per-Click (meaning pay per click). 

The goal of PPC is to bring the person viewing the ad to the website or app so that person can purchase something from the advertiser's website or fill out a form.

There are different types of PPC ads, but the most popular one is “paid search ad”.


These ads appear when people search for things online using a search engine like Google. 

Especially when they are searching to buy something like: - Pizza Near Me, Gift For Mother, or Best Mobile Under 10,000 etc. 

Other forms of PPC advertising include display ad display ad and remarketing remarketing.

How does Paid Search Ads work? 

(How Paid Search Ad Works)


It is not enough for the advertiser to have a lot of money to bring his ad to the top of a search engine result page (SERP). 

A number of factors are combined, including funding and ad quality, to determine


Whose ad will appear at the top of the SERP. 

Advertising services such as Google Ad and Bing Ad work with real-time bidding , where ad inventory is sold in a private automated auction using real-time data.


How do keywords work in paid search ads? 

(How Keywords Works Paid Search Ad)


Keywords Works Paid Search Ad-PPC 


Ad Auction Ad auction is a "Bidding System". 

This means that advertisers must bid on the words they want to "trigger" or appear. 

These words are called keywords. 

For example, you sell camping equipment. 

If someone wants to buy a new tent, sleeping bag, or portable stove, he or she will type the keyword “camping equipment” into the search engine to find the seller who sells it. 

Since you have to pay for each click on your ads, only bid on keywords that are about your business.

Along with keywords, you need to create ads in your campaign. 

When you have removed all the keywords of your business, then the group of all these keywords is put in one ad so that whenever a person searches about your business, they can see this ad.


To make your ad stand out from the rest of your competitors, your ad must have all of the following things right:


Heading (Heading) which is called title.


URL URL is the address of the World Wide Web page.


Description (Description) The description of what the ad is about.


Your ad on the SERP can come in the top or bottom results. 

Try copying different ads for the best performance.


Budgets & Bids


Budgets Bids- PPC kya hai


To participate in an ad auction, advertisers must decide how much they want to spend on a given keyword.


at the level of budget comp


at the bid or bid ad group or keyword level


Due to the Real Time Bidding system, the actual amount an advertiser pays depends on the competitive activity and “Ad Rank”, not just the maximum bid.

In addition to budget and bidding, search engines look at other factors to determine which ad should be at the top and most valuable position in the SERP.


Search engines have their own special methods for determining ad rank. 

For example, according to Google:


Bid amount. 

(Bid amount)


Relevance and quality of advertising. 

(Ad relevance and quality)


User's device and time of day (The context of the search)


Includes extensions that enhance the format of the ad


The Quality Score is a metric that determines the ad's affinity.


It is not necessary that you do all the work yourself. 

PPC Management Agency can be outsourced to improve and Ad Management Ad Rank and Quality Score.


Although PPC cannot be written in one article, but we have tried to give you the basic knowledge of PPC in this article. 

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