What is the goal of life

To make the most out of life then we need to know what is the greatest achievement possible in life.


If we were to ask the average person what the greatest thing he could achieve in his life was the answers would almost all center around increasing material facilities for the gratification of his, or his families, material senses. People would like to become very wealthy, very beautiful, very powerful, very famous, etc. It is all self-centered. In this materialistic, selfish, self-centered world we have come to think a successful life means providing for our personal sense gratification.


The truth is this concept of sense gratification is only an illusion. It is not actually possible for us to enjoy in the material world. The actual enjoyable substance is not present here in the material world. This material world is called maya, it means “that which is not”. We have the idea of pleasure, the idea of love, etc. But the actual pleasure, the actual love, it is not to be found here in the material world. This material world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the Kingdom of God. The place where Krishna lives in association with His devotees. The real pleasure is there in the spiritual world. Trying to enjoy in the material world is like trying to enjoy the taste of the mangoes on a tree that is reflected in the water of a lake. We can not taste the mangoes in the reflection of the tree. We can get the idea of the mangoes from the reflection, but to taste them we need the actual tree, not the reflection.


Although we strive to be the master the reality is we are all eternally servants. We have no choice but to serve. That is our nature. You can study any person in this world, even the so-called greatest man, and you will find he is a servant. The President is the servant of his countrymen and if they are not happy with his service they will drag him down from office.

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So in this way everyone is a servant. No one is independent. But serving in the material world is not satisfying. We can only be actually happy by serving Krishna.


Before spiritual life is really possible we have to realize that this material world is not our home. We are in a very hostile foreign country. And we can never be happy here in this hostile foreign country. To be happy we have to go back home, back to Godhead. So there is no point in trying to make a comfortable arrangement here in the material world. It is not possible. We can never be happy in the material world. That is like a fish trying to be happy out of the water. It is not possible. The fish needs to live in the watery atmosphere. The fish can never be happy on the land. Similarly we are spiritual entities and we can only be happy in the spiritual atmosphere. We can never be happy in the material atmosphere.


We all have our karma, our destiny. It is already fixed up, how much we will ‘enjoy’ and how much we will suffer here in the material world. We can not change it. So once we understand this we can “make the best use of a bad bargain” and use this human form of life as a way to elevated our consciousness to Krishna consciousness. The human form of life is a very valuable boat and we can use this valuable boat to cross over this material world, which is likened to an ocean of darkness, and reach the spiritual world on the other side.


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