What is the result(fal) of one time chanting Lord's Names?

The Chanting of Lords Name Not only gives us immense pleasure but also washes of all our sins.But do you exactly know what punya or what result you exactly receive by chanting Lords Holy Name.Do you at least know what punya you receive by chanting one time "Hare Krishna".So lets get deep into this.


Story related to one time chanting Lords Name?

There's are many stories related to this.But let's now see a story.There is a story in which you can see once Janak Maharaj(Father of Mata Sita) was going from Earth to Saket Dham.He actually heared many voices which were calling him.Those voices were coming from the under of the Earth i.e underground.When he travelled towards underground he reached Narak(Hell) where he saw many bad souls(Paapi aatma) which were getting there severe punishments.They were calling Janak Maharaj for  help.Janak Maharaj discussed with Yamraj and he told him that they are receiving punishments for their karma(actions).Janak Maharaj due to Daya wanted to help those Paapi aatma which were receiving there punishments.Yamraj told him if they at least chant one time Lords name they will be freed from here.After hearing this Janak Maharaj told that I give a result(Fal) of a Ram Naam to these Paapi aatmas.As soon as he told like this all the Paapi Aatmas got freed from there.

From this story you can understand what is the Fal of chanting lords name one time.Actually Lord himself not knows how much is the fal of one time chanting his name.So you see how much is the power of chanting Lord's Name.

So keep chanting "Hare Krishna Mahamantra" because its the one and only way to defeat this Kaliyuga.

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare"


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