What Kind of Car Should a Student Choose?

Many students want to start driving as early as possible. Already at the age of 16 many start taking courses, learning the rules of driving, signs, and at the age of 18 they get a driver's license. However, rising car prices and gasoline prices are ruining all the plans of young people. From 2020 to 2021, the demand for autos as an investment has increased. Those who used to save a little bit for a new car have taken out a loan with a down payment. There was also a shortage of cars on the secondary market. Literally all cars that were in good condition were sold out.


To buy a Lada Granta on the Russian market, you have to save at least 500,000 rubles. How can a student do that? Of course, a student needs to go to work. It will be difficult to earn half a million rubles even in three years. However, you can take a car loan and try to pay it off yourself.


What car can you choose? Of course, it is better to take a new car, even Lada Granta. Then you won't have to go through three years of maintenance and spend money on repairs. But you can also buy a used car if you have a friend who is an autopicker. Also, you can use connections in car service centers to save money on repairs.


In order to have time to work and study, you will have to devote more time to exams. To pass your term or dissertation, we recommend increasing the originality of the text. Then you will be able to pass your work on the first time on excellent. Also, you will help service, which will increase the uniqueness of the text for 1 minute.


And we move on to the choice of models. Of course, for students who drive in the city, a sedan or hatchback model will be more convenient. Small cars will save on gasoline and always find a place to park, even in the hour.


We recommend for purchase Lada Granta, Reno Sandero or Reno Logan, Hyundai Solaris or Kia Rio. These are cars from the budget class. However, most of them have already reached the price of 1 million rubles. If you choose from a wide range on the secondary market, you can also take a Skoda Octavia or Fabia, a Toyota Corolla, etc.


Also if you want to be out of town more often, to overcome obstacles on the road, it is worth looking at the new Reno Daster or Nissan Terrano. There is also a budget model in the new LADA Niva Travel. In the secondary market, the space is too wide, so you can also consider the Niva of the old configuration, or the Chevrolet Niva. You can turn to more expensive SUV models Chevrolet Niva, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land Cruiser.


You can choose any car for your money. But do not forget that if you take a loan, you will have to pay it yourself. Don't shift the responsibility to your parents.


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