What's so Special about Chocolate

This food does have a variety of forms. An example is chocolate bars. The sweet taste in the mouth is something that people may not forget. The state when the chocolate melts in the mouth directly. Always addicted. They say that chocolate bars are the right food for all kinds of activities because they are easy to carry anywhere.

Although it melts when exposed to heat. Chocolate production that has spread widely makes people have no difficulty in finding chocolate. Some even make it a birthday gift because of its charming texture. In addition, chocolate is not a food that is harmful to health even if you consume it in excess. Because it has high fat and sugar content. Although chocolate bars are not able to meet a person's carbohydrates like rice. Chocolate bar is quite filling.

The chocolate industry produces chocolate from fermented cocoa beans. The fermentation process is used to form the chocolate taste which is then dried for approximately 5 days before being removed from the fermentation container. The result of this drying is then cleaned so that the dirt in the chocolate that is not needed is lost.

After cleaning, the fermented cocoa beans are roasted or more precisely roasted. When finished, the cocoa beans are ready to be ground into a chocolate paste. This chocolate paste is then formed into chocolate. Although the process is so long but chocolate has become a favorite food for many people.

Chocolate in liquid form is often said to be the right spice for all kinds of cakes as a sweetness enhancer. Until now, nothing can match the delicacy of chocolate. Whether it's in liquid or solid form


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