What to do everyday in Animal Crossing

1.) Shoot down balloons- Shooting down balloons with a slingshot can get you almost anything, including bells, furniture, DIY recipes and items you would get from stones.  

2.) Hit rocks- If you dig two holes behind you, you won't keep falling backwards. This means more items from rocks. 

3.) Shake trees- Each of your bare trees could have money, a furniture drop, acorns/pine cones, or sticks fall from them. 

4.) Get your nook miles from the Nook Stop- Visit the Nook stop and log into the machine to get your daily free nook miles.

5.) Check the free box for any free items- This box comes up with random and free items for you to take. 

6.) Shop till you drop at all of your places- Shop everyday to get the newest an latest things. 

7.) Gather all of your fruit- Shake your trees because you can use fruit to eat, sell, and make items. 

8.) Gather all of your fossils- Bring them to Blathers at the museum and have him assess your fossils to see if you have gathered any new fossils. You can always sell the ones that have already made it in the museum. If you've already collected all of your fossils, having them assessed will get you more money. 

9.) Gather all of your seashells- These can be found on the beaches and can be used to sell or used to make items. You can also give them to your villagers. Usually you can also find a bottle with a letter and a DIY recipe. 

10.) Dig up the golden light from the ground and plant a money tree- The best way to plan these is to collect the money after digging it up and planting 10,000 bells. This will then give you 30,000 bells when its fully grown. Once you plant these bells, you can then dig the tree up and put it in a designated area to grow where you will remember where its at. After it grows, you can chop it down and keep the wood. Never plant more than 10,000 bells.

11.) Water your flowers and pumpkins- This will cross pollinate your flowers to get new flower colors. This can also get you more pumpkins in one yield. Not watering them will get you one pumpkin, letting the rain water them will get you two pumpkins and watering them yourself will likely get you three pumpkins. 

12.) Talk to all of your villages and give them gifts- Talking to your villagers everyday will earn you friendship pints and giving them gifts will do the same. It might even earn you a gift in return. Each villager has their own tastes so giving them gifts that pertain to their likes helps boost their love for you and the island. If you often see your villager trying to catch bugs or fish, then gift them those. Putting them in wrapping paper will assist in giving you extra friendship points. 

13.) Catch some bugs and fish- Catching bugs and fish can help you get more bells and fill your museum. Bring the new ones to Blathers and he will take them and put them into the museum. You can check to see which ones you have donated by going to your phone and checking the critterpedia. If you see an owl by the name of the bug or fish then it has been donated already. 

14.) Do the small side quests that your village has at the moment- These can include, waking up the pirate or sailor bird laying on your beach, catching parts of the ghost that you accidently scared off,  gathering a bug or a fish for a villager, finding out who's book it is that you found on the ground and even trying on different types of fashion for Label. 

15.) Sell your turnips- Always sell your turnips before Saturday night. You can look up calculators and find out what days and times are best for selling your turnips. If you don't sell them in time, they will rot and will be worth virtually nothing. 

16.) Check your mail- You should check this daily for letter and possible gifts. 

17.) Harvest your money trees- Harvesting these will give you free bells. 

18.) Find all of the manila clams on the beach- These can be made into fish bait and used to fish for more fish. 


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