What We Can Learn From Animals

We can learn so much from wolves!

They live so closely as a "Pack" (or family) that it is impossible to break the pack. There is a dominant 'alpha' pair but someone needs to keep control of the 'family'. Siblings babysit siblings, caring for their little brothers and sisters. When it's time to hunt, the pack will hunt and feed together. The sound of the pack of wolves howling is something you never forget! We, as humans, can learn from "the pack". We are all human, struggling to live and, like wolves, we can look out for each other and help one another.

Cats, whether big or small, all have their own personality and are very independent. The tiger is the largest of the cats and usually live alone. Lions live in "Prides", with the lionesses suckling their sisters cubs, as well as their own. The cheetah is the fastest land animal, yet it's 'built' like a dog. So many different species but they live in harmony, accepting each other. We humans can learn a lot from cats.

Can You Swim?

Dolphins can! They just belong to the Oceans of this Earth. Have you heard these marine mammals sing? What a peaceful sound for the mind.

Dolphins do seem to cheer us up. Born with a smile, Dolphins seem so happy 'dancing' in and out of the waters, singing as they go. They live in "Pods", sometimes as many as 25 at a time. They are very sociable, not just caring for one another, but also love to be with other marine creatures, such as the Humpback Whale.

Isn't it everyone's dream to swim with Dolphins?

These gentle swimmers have been known to protect us humans from sharks, even as we protect our loved ones as we all 'swim' through the choppy seas of human history. 

Look up in the sky and see the birds flying. Like the dolphins swimming in the Oceans, the birds fly high within the skies, born to glide above our heads.

We occasionally see these beautiful little creatures when they rest on a branch and nest in the tree, or when they feed from the many bird feeders we put out for them, in our gardens. The 'dawn chorus' sings every morning, even as the 'evening chorus' sings every night. Every bird has it's own voice, just like us humans. When we hear a bird singing, do we stop, look up and listen? It is such a 'homely' sound.

Under The Ocean

Under the Oceans of the Earth, the marine life is so diverse that we are still finding new marine species. So many different creatures, from whales to sharks to dolphins to stingrays to jellyfish (yes, the list is endless), all different in colour and in the way they live, that we can only 'learn' from this. This ecosystem has survived for millions of years because each animal 'accepts' the other. We humans must 'learn' from this, and then hopefully,  our ecosystem will continue to live just as long.



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