What Would Happen to You if You Fell Into a Black Hole?

The American astrophysicist Charles Liu in his interview gave the answer to this question - "If you step into a black hole, you feel like a kind of tube of toothpaste, from which the contents are squeezed out with all your might. The moment an object crosses the horizon, the so-called point of no return in a black hole, it begins to be affected by the same laws of physics that on Earth cause the ebb and flow of the tide. As the distance increases, the gravitational force decreases - the closer the Earth is to the Moon, the stronger its attraction acts on our planet. In the direction of the Moon, the Earth stretches out a little, very slightly, but this is enough for the water to start flowing along its elongated axis.


Near a black hole, gravity is much stronger. The black hole will start to stretch you, like gum, sucking you in. Eventually you will be stretched so much that you will become a stream of subatomic particles moving toward the hole. But thanks to the fact that your brain will almost immediately disintegrate into small atoms, you won't have time to be very sad about what's happening, jokes Charles Liu.


This will happen to you if you find yourself in a black hole about the size of our planet.

And what happens if the black hole is much bigger?


If the hole is about the size of our solar system, the tidal forces will not be as powerful, with the result that your body will retain its structure and you yourself will have an extraordinary, though fatal, journey through warped time and space.

Before you enter the black hole itself, you will travel in that direction at increasing speeds until you reach the speed of light. And the interesting thing is that the faster you move, the slower your movement in time will be, until time actually stops for you. At that point, you will see all the objects that entered the hole before you. What you will see in that moment, no one knows exactly. But there is an opinion that at the moment of the very peak you can behold the Big Bang and the extinction of the universe at the same time.


It would be the most incredible journey imaginable. If that were possible."


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