WhatsApp now allows you to bind up to four devices to the iOS app

The WhatsApp app for iOS lets users try out a new feature previously available only in beta: simultaneous tethering of up to four devices. This includes Windows and macOS computers, the messenger in a browser, and Facebook's Portal line of smart home gadgets.

It can be enabled in the current version of the application (you can find out the exact version in the "Help" tab). To do this, open "Settings" → "Connected devices" and you will be prompted to try the new feature. If you agree, the application will unlink you from the previously added sessions and prompt you to re-authorize in the PC or browser version.

When you connect a new device, it takes a few seconds to sync your message history. When it finishes, you can use the connected device independently, even if your phone is turned off. No more than four devices can be connected at the same time, and none of them can be a smartphone except the main one. Support for iPads and Android tablets may appear in the future.


The developers warn that the feature is still in the testing stage, so it may not work correctly. In addition, through a connected PC or browser version will not be able to call and send messages to users of older versions of WhatsApp.


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