Where to fly from Russia

Where to fly from Russia

The pandemic has completely changed the usual tourist business and the principles of air travel around the world. News about the closure or opening of destinations arrive every day. "Rambler" looked where you can fly from Russia now.

Middle way

One of the most comfortable countries to visit has now become Belarus. Russians are allowed into the country with any vaccine or PCR test. There are direct flights. The same conditions apply to Moldova.

Direct flights are available to Armenia and Azerbaijan. In Armenia you can travel with a PCR test or a vaccination certificate, and in Azerbaijan only with both.

Direct flights and similar rules of entry also apply to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


Turkey is open to Russians with a PCR test. Visas and quarantine are not required. It is the same with Egypt. It is true that there you need a visa on arrival.

Cyprus is also friendly to the Russians and even accepts Russian certificates of vaccination and certificates of covid. You can enter with standard PCR-test, but you will need to pass another one upon arrival. And after a week will need to pass them every three days to be able to visit public places. A Schengen visa for Cyprus is not required, a free electronic national visa is issued.

The sandy shore of the Maldives, it seems, has never seen so many Russian tourists before. Here travelers are only required to have PCR tests.

And even Europe.

Austria allows tourists with open schengen and PCR-test, but requires compliance with the mandatory quarantine period of five days. At the end of this period you can take the test again and "go free".

In addition, you can fly to Hungary without problems, if you provide a certificate of vaccination, PCR test or certificate of an overhealthy person (available on "State Services").

Greece is also favorable to Russian tourists. You will need the same documents and Schengen visa. At the border, you may be selectively sent for another test for COVID-19.

Russians can also go to Croatia. For travel, you need both a PCR test not older than 72 hours, and a certificate of vaccination (only "Sputnik V" is recognized among Russian vaccines). You may be asked for confirmation of your accommodation booking at the border.

It is possible to fly to both Bulgaria and Montenegro. They let you in with PCR test - it is desirable to do the test in any case.


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