Which iPhone is worth upgrading to iPhone 13

Which iPhone should I switch from to iPhone 13 and, most importantly, which model of the four to choose. It is impossible to answer this question in two words, so don't consider it a sign of graphomania.


In my opinion, upgrading is definitely worth it for owners of all iPhones to the iPhone XS. For them it will be a really big upgrade. Despite the fact that the iPhone X is a new generation smartphone with a larger screen, face scanner and gesture control, in fact it is a rather limited model in technical terms, which is time to retire.


The new iPhones will really be a revelation to you, especially if you've only used Home button models. And it's not even about the big screen, although for many it is the prevailing argument in favor of upgrading. It's about many aspects that are not found on earlier models, but that just won't let you go back.


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