Why all the barking?

I sit on my porch and enjoy the late night breeze, while I listen to how the leaves in the old Stinkwood tree behind me softly rustle.

There is a smell of rain in the air, but few clouds and no lightning, just a dog barking nearby in the neighborhood.

Near my house runs a main road, and all I hear is sometimes a roaring motorcycle, but mostly a hissing sound, as cars disturb the wind near me. No people screaming and calling for help. Just the barking dog nearby.

I see stars and planets, and tonight it is dark moon, but no flames that glow around me, and no explosions or gunshots. Just the barking dog nearby, who just can’t stop! Can’t his owner just give him love?

My family is all snug with me, warm, cozy, full belly and in front of the TV.

First it is News at eight, then bedtime for the kids.

Not for the barking dog nearby in the neighborhood, he will still continue.

I activate my alarm, say good night to everyone, and sleep well, because tomorrow is another day.

My boss said I have to come in earlier tomorrow, because there is something he wants to discuss with me. Maybe my long awaited raise? I climb into bed and kiss my wife, turn off the light and close my eyes.

In the distance I still hear the dog nearby barking, and start to snore.


We are so inclined to take everything for granted. Go to the bathroom and turn on the tap. There is water. Press your finger on the switch next to the wall, and there is light. Go to the kitchen, and make a sandwich, because there is food in the house.

Few of us realize how privileged we really are to still have a roof over our heads, and not to hide in a ruin that remains after a missile attack.

To smell rain, instead of the stench of death, and our human waste flushes down the toilet as soon as you push its handle down with your finger.

The dog that barks in the background bothers no one, and no one wonders why he barks.

No one goes to see if the poor thing has food and is cared for, or maybe barks in vain for help, because his owner lies on the ground unconscious.

We are so wrapped up in our warm, snug cocoons that we do not want to give up our comfort, but would rather just keep dreaming of our perfect life, and do not want to cloud our sweet waters with other people’s problems.

But maybe the dog barks to warn us, “Here comes shit!” but we are too used to hearing such warnings every day that they become like the call of your Cuckoo clock on the wall as soon as it calls every hour, but you only hear it when you listen for it.

We are privileged to not live in a war-torn country, but then again, look how quickly our lives changed on March 26, 2020. No one could ever think the whole world would be placed under quarantine, but then it happened.

No one could think that chicken eggs would no longer be on the shelves, and if they do, their price will double overnight.

We can only count our blessings, and realize that everything we have is only lent to us.


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