Why are the stars falling?

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There are a huge number of objects in the near space surrounding our planet, from dust to large comets and asteroids. Most of these bodies, under the influence of gravity, move in their orbits within the solar system and never cross the Earth. But some of them do enter the atmosphere of our planet and then we observe a phenomenon called "star fall".

A space object, entering the dense layers of the Earth's atmosphere, experiences the resistance of its gases (air) and begins to heat up. In this case, its speed can reach tens of kilometers per second, so that literally in a matter of seconds it heats up to several thousand degrees. At such temperatures, even metal can melt and evaporate (if the body is small), or be broken into microparticles as a result of an explosion. Therefore, in most cases you will only see a brief flash or a bright, short-lived trace in the sky. And, of course, "the star fell" is said by tradition or ignorance - because the smallest star is millions of times larger than the largest of the asteroids. And even if the Earth did collide with a star, it would be us that would fall on it, not it on us!

Some bodies reach the lower layers of the atmosphere and either explode in them (of the best known ones are the Tunguska meteorite in 1908 and the Chelyabinsk meteorite in 2013), flying apart into small particles, or leave large debris after the explosion. The largest such case is the Goba meteorite in Africa, which weighs 68 tons! And in a day, according to various estimates, the Earth "corrected" by about 5-6 tons of small meteorites and 60 tons - of other cosmic dust.

The phenomenon of "falling star" occurs very quickly, in fact it is not in vain that the wish wish wish in the "fall" will come true - rarely anyone has a sufficient reaction for this! And if you still want to practice, look often at the starry sky from mid-July to the end of August, when a meteor shower called the Perseids can be observed every year.


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