Why cats sleep in public?

In short, cats and cats like to sleep on people, simply because it's comfortable for them. More specifically, here are the eleven most common reasons for this feline choice:
1)If it's chilly in the house, cats lie down to sleep on humans to warm themselves with their body heat. In other words, they use their owner as a living warmer. Near a fiery radiator, and also near a fireplace or a heater it can be hot for an animal, but on the belly or, for example, on the chest of the owner it is warm and pleasant. It is also soft enough;

2)The animal wants tactile contact with the owner. Many cats lie down on humans when they suffer from attention deficit. Today's busy people, unfortunately, sometimes do not have time for themselves (work-preparation-cleaning-children and so on.), to say nothing of communication with the cat. But we can't explain to our pets that by the end of the day we just don't have energy left for playing and socializing. And that's why whiskers feel abandoned and unnecessary. Snuggling up close to their owner, they desperately beg for affection and attention;

3) A pet will lie down on your chest when it wants to feel the steady and soothing beat of your heart. Many cats consider their owners' chests to be the safest place on Earth. Moreover, an animal may come to bed to its owner not every day, but only in exceptional cases, for example, when it is afraid of something (say, the explosion of a firecracker or the roar of an ambulance siren);
4) A cat will lie down on a person and purr, wanting to express all its love and affection. Although cats are often blamed for their natural coldness and independence, they love to spend time next to their owners, singing in their ears. And we should say that no cat will lie down on the person it does not love. What certainly does not exist in domestic small carnivores, it is hypocrisy;

5)Many Murkas and Murziks are real owners. And they are sometimes very uncomfortable with the fact that anyone may have the right to communicate with their adored owner (simply put, jealous of the owner to others). Therefore, often the cat lies down on the person, driving away family members and other pets that live in the house. In this way, the purr as if it wants to say to its owner: "After all, I am your best friend, don't pay attention to anyone else." But the animal not only "reserves" a place on the host's body, but it also tags it, leaving the secret of sweat glands on human skin or clothes, which are located on the pads (not to be confused with tags of urine!);

6)A cat sleeps on its owner's body or next to humans as a guard. Some people think that dogs can protect their owners, and cats sleep in a nook and keep silent, and sometimes catch mice. But there are cats and cats with a dominant and brave character, which believe it is their duty to protect their owners and their homes from trouble. Lying on its master's chest (as well as on his feet, on his headboard, on his stomach or back etc.), the cat not only rests and sleeps, but also protects him from any problems;

7)There is a belief that if the cat sleeps by the head of man, then he will soon become very sick (possibly even die). But omens work only if the owner of the pet is very superstitious. And most likely, the pet simply sleeps in the headboard of its owner for its own comfort, namely because of the soft pillow;

8) Many people have heard about feline therapy - treatment of various ailments through contact with domestic cats. Scientists believe that communicating with a pet helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third, to calm high blood pressure, reduce the heart rate and tidy up the nervous system (including depression and insomnia). These little healers lie down on the sore spot and begin to purr softly, massaging their owner's body. When they sleep on the shoulder blades or on the left side of a person's chest, they treat a sore heart. Cats lie down on a person's feet and begin to purr when they heal sore joints or bones. In short, the owner should be alert if his pet constantly lays down, on the same place (for example, the constant lying of a cat on a person's stomach can signal a stomach problem, and sleeping on the owner's back - about sick kidneys, etc.);

9)There are also times when an animal will lay down on a person's chest to smell their sweat. Yes, strange as it may seem, some purrs like the smell of the owner's sweat gland secret. And for the same reason, some cats sleep at the feet of man (and even in those cases where he did not take a bath or shower after a hard day's work). One would think, what is pleasant about the smell of sweat? But for some cats it is soothing. Besides there is an opinion that it seems that human sweat is an aphrodisiac for cats - a substance that enhances sexual attraction to males of the opposite sex;

10)There is also the assumption that cats and felines lie on humans, removing negative energy from them. Many owners note that their psychological mood and state of mind come back to normal after even brief contact with a cat or cat. And some people even believe that whiskered, striped friends can remove the evil eye and spoilage;

11) Even having at their disposal a soft and comfortable bed, situated in a warm secluded place, many cats no matter what, but move to sleep closer to people. Perhaps here the force of habit plays an important role, if in childhood the animal is often allowed to sleep on the master's bed. It is no secret that some owners, who adopted or purchased a kitten, let him sleep on his pillow or on the edge of the blanket for the first time, so that the baby does not feel lonely


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