Why Reforestation Is Important

Trees are living things that need water. The more trees the more water they absorb. Water is used by trees for photosynthesis. They take carbon dioxide and the sun in addition to water. as a food-forming process. This is why they are called as autotrophic organisms. They then produce oxygen into the air that we can feel. Every day that activity keeps happening over and over again because they are just like humans. Trees cannot live without producing food.

Otherwise there are many trees. The possibility that occurs is a flood disaster. Because there is no absorption source for the water itself. Given that not all areas have a sewer. As time goes on television or newspapers. It was found that many buildings were flooded due to continuous rain. In certain areas the intensity of rain can be very high due to climatic factors.

For that we have to take good care of the tree. Given that at this time for example industry and companies. They have cut down trees simultaneously without thinking about the consequences in meeting the needs of the community. Without us having our own awareness to plant a new tree as a substitute. Because actually trees as we know cannot grow by themselves.

Even though there is already a government policy to prohibit tree cutting. With the declaration of law article 82 no 18 which reads that everyone is prohibited from cutting down wild trees in the forest. But the number of trees continues to decrease. Given that not all comply with government regulations. The higher a person's life expectancy, the more needs in society itself. Automatic service providers will provide the goods needed depending on the number of consumers. If only we could grow trees in a short time at once. Then no worries will arise. But did you know that trees take years to grow from buds. That means the process of planting trees can no longer be delayed.

We need to spread information everywhere. To cooperate in the tree planting process. Has not until now the flood has caused a lot of harm to the community. Things that money can't just buy. Diseases that cause death everywhere. Due to the garbage that was carried away during the flood. And public facilities are damaged. Makes it difficult for many people, for example, when they want to make calls in public places. Especially for those who do not have money to buy a personal cellphone.

Start with simple things like planting trees around your neighborhood. If you care about your future destiny. Besides getting used to not littering. We can't measure the rainfall. And the possibility of flooding can occur at any time. For example in the area of ​​West Sumatra where rainfall can reach around 4730 millimeters. As a result, they formed a disaster management agency in anticipation of flooding.

If there is no place to plant trees at home. Any of us can join the tree planting community. There are more than 2000 communities spread all over the place now. Just use the gloves and boots you have. Anyone who wants to join doesn't have to spend any money. If you don't have free time, you can do it whenever you want. Invite your friends or co-workers to accompany you in planting trees. The more people there are, the more trees will grow. If we don't start now, then who will?


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