Why you should use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for car

Why you should use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for car

Our very own cars are considered to be one of our investments since they came from our very hard-earned money, which is why we tend to take caution in using our beloved cars but no matter how careful we are there will come a time when they will experience car related problems that will test our patients as car owners. This can be from overused tires, dirty internals, or engine and battery failures all of these require specific maintenance and parts replacement since there is no such thing as a perfect and durable car no matter how many precautionary measures we have taken. To lessen the burden of expensive repairs most users tend to replace the damaged or worn-out parts of the car to save on cost, but some of these parts can be expensive especially if they are made to order which is why some car owners tend to just buy and use replacement parts from third-party sellers instead from original equipment manufacturer parts for car repairs. Some car owners buy from third-party sellers because of the simple reason that they are cheaper and easier to find not knowing that they jeopardizing their safety and shortening the life span of their car.

Here are the five reasons on you should use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for car

1. The Quality of Aftermarket and Third-Party Parts Is Not Consistent

Due to the rise of e-commerce more and more car owners have access to aftermarket and third-party car parts because we see them as cheap and easy to get, but as we brought these car parts, we jeopardized our safety since the quality of these parts has not been properly inspected this could end damaging your car in the process which leads to a more expensive repair or worse ended up in an accident during your travels. Unlike OEM parts they are inspected meticulously and have passed the quality control inspection making them 100% safe for the car owners Plus they also have warranties.

2. You Could End Up With "Crash" or Salvage Parts

As car owners when you bring these aftermarket and third-party parts you have no idea where they have come from, where they are manufactured, what materials are used in manufacturing them and do they undergo a quality and safety inspection. These factors make it very dangerous for your car Despite being cheaper you might end up having car parts that came from car crashes which can literally put your life at risk.

3. Aftermarket and Third-Party Parts May Not Have A Warranty

Since aftermarket and third-party car parts are sold cheaper you can no longer expect that they have a service warranty which means that if anything goes wrong with these parts you do not have any leverage in case something happens or if does not work properly, this is like throwing away money on car parts that won't work with your vehicle.

4. OEM Parts Are Always Brand-New

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts that are brought from a trusted and known car parts company you can be assured that they are brand new, have passed the quality inspection, are under warranty, and most of all 100% safe. They can be a little expensive but at least you will have peace of mind that these parts are going to be reliable and working properly giving your car another chance to run smoothly and efficiently.

5. Only About 25% of Aftermarket Parts are Certified to Provide the Same Performance

There is only a fraction of aftermarket and third-party car parts that are reliable and certified safe for traveling but usually, these car parts are almost as expensive as the brand-new ones Your best option is to just buy brand-new car parts that are OEM-certified.


As a consumer and owning a car, it is always important to just purchase OEM car parts for your own safety and to be able to prolong the life of your vehicle. Instead of relying on some aftermarket and third-party car parts that might put your life as well as your family in jeopardy due to these unsafe car parts that have been flooding the market, never compromise on car parts and your safety as well.


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