Winner of skate (Story)

A young boy from a poor family , who dreams of becoming a skate champion.It is his heroic journey of hard-work and dedication.

Rama was so poor his father was resting in place, his mother was a home -maid. He was serving tea at tea- stall. He got his salary from his boss at the end of the month.

He was very patient about skating. He served tea near a skate school, where a coach , who trained so many students at the same time.The trainer was a very calm, nice person,and a nice human being. In an accident, he came in a wheelchair.After Rama finished his work after that he went to the skate field for practice.No one was there in the field. He was the only. who was present that time. He had friends , they were also poor, they were so helpful, caring, & lovable.He had four friends, Ram was working in a garage, Rahim was working in collecting waste things, Raj working as a distributor newspaper.

When they heard that his friend was indeed collecting materials, wheels, iron plate, collecting all waste materials, shoes also from garbage.One day, Ram talked to his boss, please make them for my dearest friends.His boss was completely ready to make a skate pair for his friends. The next day,he made it the same as skating with iron plates.

Rama was very happy to see it. He was very thankful to his friends. After he finished work, he reached the field for practice without any help from the trainer. 




One day, at 10 pm,a skate trainer saw him skating. Asked him, what are you doing?Why are you here this time ?It's 10 o'clock you learned it. 

Rama said, "No sir.I am just watching all the students, who are trained by you. After finishing my work I came there for practice." 

Trainer said,"Come tomorrow. I will train you."

(Trainer saw what a dedicated and hard working child he is.)

He trained him without fees.He registered his name for the state level skate championship.



But suddenly , he missed somewhere.On skate level championship day, he didn't reach there. Trainer was very upset with him everywhere, but he couldn't be found. He reached the hawker (tea - stall ) and asked his boss where Rama was.I don't know sir. He went for his tournament. But he didn't reach there. Suddenly someone called the trainer, and he was hospitalized. The trainer was a very helpful person, he paid all the bills of the hospital. He suffered from jaundice when the medicine worked on his body.He woke up next morning, started crying that he was able to attend the skate match. The trainer made him say this is not your last match, be cheer-up.

Next month, we will register for the National Skate Championship, so don't worry. We will definitely win , not immediately."He recovered in his practice also.He selected for National skate month, he continued his practice also. He was selected for the National Skate Championship. In the field, some organizers want some legal papers of Rama. His mother got all the paper in plastic, in which she put his father's picks into it. Suddenly, when she searched all the papers from the packet, his father's photo fell down on the ground. He recognized it, from a long step. He remembers everything that happened to his father. His father fell down on a grain field. Because of hard work, pressure of loans. He died when Rama was only 7 years old. His mother said Rama go and call the doctor. He ran but he didn't reach there to save his father's life.

He remembered and ran in the field. He won the skate Championship, everyone was so proud of him. He won because of his hardwork and dedication.




MUTHUKUMARAN P - Sep 1, 2021, 10:30 AM - Add Reply

The story is emotional. This short story is the best witness to all the respect for poverty and the cosmic success of the coach's humanity and perseverance.

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