Wizardry FM DJ Emma B 'exceptionally sure' Wayne Couzens streaked her in 2008

A public radio DJ said she is "so exceptionally sure" she was streaked by Wayne Couzens longer than 10 years before he killed Sarah Everard. 


Sorcery FM DJ Emma Wilson, who is likewise known by her stage name Emma B, said she was physically bugged in London in 2008 by the Met Cop who hijacked, assaulted and killed Sarah Everard recently. 


The 50-year-old, who has deferred her right to obscurity, let Radio 4's Lady's Hour know how she had been strolling in the day with her youngster when the occurrence occurred. 


She likewise guaranteed cops chuckled at her when she let them know what occurred. 


Emma Wilson said: "I am so extremely sure it was him. It adds to the noise of chances there were to stop this man. 


"It was forceful, and it was fierce, it wasn't this kind of comic person that we have of this neighborhood unwelcome voyeur or the nearby flasher ... It was forceful, it was deliberate, it was determined. 


"I quickly thought I was in harm's way." 


Reviewing the second she detailed the occurrence to police, she said: "I was so struck by how weak their reaction was." 


Wilson said she had enlightened her better half and companions at the time concerning what happened yet perceived Couzens "right away" while watching the news and was standing up now since "I have a high school little girl who's simply ventured out from home. Furthermore, I need to have the option to let my girl know that when she goes out with her companions she can be her full self, that she can wear what she needs, that she should walk the roads with certainty and backtalk in the manner that I need her to. 


"Furthermore, right now, as a mother, I don't feel like I can do that, indeed, you know, everything being equal, legitimately and with believability to say to her that you're protected". 


She added: "I truly trust that we are not simply waiting for opportunity until something happens to our girls. Also, that they won't ever need to manage something like this ... " 


In an assertion the Met Police said: "On Friday October 8 the Met got a protest concerning an examination concerning a supposed occurrence of disgusting openness that happened in Greenwich in November 2008. The grumbling is being surveyed by officials from the Directorate of Expert Guidelines."


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