"Word Fuse" Legit or Scam?

Because of the current situation between Russia and Ukraine the oil product increases it's price so it's important that we have another source of income, and one of the most popular way today is trough the power of technology. Let's say for example is the online game where you can find an advertisement about it every where you go when surfing online it's either advertise by someone you followed or just pop up all of a sudden.


One of these apps is "Word Fuse". So what is Word Fuse? 

Word Fuse is a "game-earning" app where they say you can actually earn just by playing and you can cash out your balance from the app via PayPal.

As one of the tester of this app, at first I quite enjoy it cause it's easy to get a balance all you have to do is finished a level and it has another option of getting a balance like for example the spinning wheel or the pop ups. But Real struggle start when you reach a balance of 200 where they give you a 0.3 and that's a lot of decrease from 20+ from the first stages. So at this point I think that maybe it's just a way to test you cause all you need is a 100 more to cash out but then when you reach a 290 balance the balance that you get from finishing the level or other activities inside the app will decrease to 0.2 and at this point there'll be a lot of other advertisment that will pop up in order for you to finally claim the balance. But then when you reach 295-298 balance the balance point you get will now down to 0.1 and from the pop ups or spinning wheel you'll get either 0.001 or 0.002 and so finally when you reach a 299 there'll be no balance point at all that will go to your balance and so this app (Word Fuse) is a total Scam and Don't Ever Try It Out!! 


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