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Writing Becoming A Trend?

It seems everywhere I look people are talking about writing a blog or a book. Articles are everywhere. Why such a sudden wave? There may be a few reasons to this being a very large scale increase and I'll cover those and just how to actually help you increase the odds of you earning incomes on the following platforms I suggest for beginning authors and writers, as I believe this to be a slowly growing trend and we want to be sure we all provide a level of quality when we exploit our knowledge to other people.

The YouTube Blogging Get Rich Quick Influx

If you are like me you have noticed the increase of getting rich quickly or easily on YouTube. However, what these people don't usually tell you is they are recycling content alot of times to help increase the odds of retaining their following, now why is this? By retaining an active following you can be sure that people are more likely to check out what you've got to say.  Now, on YouTube, search engine optimization works really well because it is owned by Google, but, it has advantages because of that. Alot of people were learning to make money from home. So YouTube content creators went on a binge of providing make money online tricks, that usually reveals an unrealistic outcome. They also tend to never disclose the information of how long it took to earn that much money. However, they did a big bunch about blogs and Google ad sense to earn a viable income. However, there are already hundreds of millions of blogs out there and so it tends to make that market some what competitive. Also they tend to make it sound easier to write than it actually is. They will reccomend PLR content, but unless you do heavy revising and replacing and etc to make it more your brand, SEO will just trash the post all together and lower your overall rankings. So keep that in mind. Also using AI is reccomended as a writing tool. There are specific uses you can use it for when it comes to writing. So, I'll show you this later. This stuff they leave out I'd very important to know.

So What Do I Do To Start Writing?

I will suggest 5 platforms you should use to start building your name with. However, each of these I will tell you how to ain't these things to further increase your reach and engagement to readers. But first and foremost, we want to talk about the importance of emailing lists.

What Is An Emailing List?

An emailing list is a list of emails that you can send your own emails to for many different purposes which I will break down for you hear. After all, what's the point in writing if no one sees your novels or non-fiction works? The whole point is to see someone read and enjoy your content. As a writer that should be the ultimate reward. However, getting paid for it doesn't hurt. 

If you are new to marketing then maybe it's an idea to join my free email subscription.

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With email lists like mine, you can offer to keep your subscribed members actively updated. You can even plan ahead while you work on newer projects. You can learn to easily do this with LeadsLeap. This even has a built in email responder and an opt-in page builder, widget that pays you for people clicking ads and other great features. Oh and it pays you through PayPal!


Writing On Smashoid

Smashoid says to target trends, however knowing exactly what qualifies as a trend can be tricky. They do analytics referral sites to see what's on the uprise. However, even still, trends are hard. They pay you based on the overall traffic, so if you build an audience here, it is likely to be rewarding and somewhat quickly if you have an active following who engages with every shared post.


Writing On Vocal

Vocal Media is honestly considered a fair starting point to get exposure on your fiction however, the next place I think is superior. I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on this one as I have already talked about it in the Medium post linked below.

Write On Inkspired

If you write on inkspired you can earn and build an audience all at once. Get subscribers, donations or just outright sales or a combination. Getting engagement is as easy as requesting for beta readers. Learn more by clicking here: https://getinkspired.com/en/u/camroze/

Publishing With Draft 2 Digital

Draft2Digital has an incredible way of helping new authors self publish their various works. best part of this all is that there is no upfront costs or any hidden ones at that, just get paid your royalties for each style you publish your book in. I cant even begin to state how useful this amazing platform is because of its many features. such as an affiliate all in one link creator for each of your books. Talk about a great way to multiply your own incomes from one piece of work. Sometimes this is the best way to think. as an author myself, i love Draft2Digital as it allows me to regulate my sales and promotional pricing along with so many other amazing tools. Its a must have for any new Indie Author.

Sign Up To get Started here: https://www.draft2digital.com/CamRoze


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