Xiaomi is the undisputed market leader in 5G smartphones in Central and Eastern Europe

What's known?

According to Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi's share in the third quarter of this year was 41.8%, which means that almost every second 5G smartphone belongs to it. Moreover, a year ago, the company held only 4.3% of the market.


Significantly worsened the performance of Samsung. The market share of the South Korean company fell from 34.3% to 11.5%. The technology giant from Cupertino came in second place. In the range of Apple in the third quarter of 2020 there were no smartphones that support 5G. The first models with 5G appeared only in the fourth quarter of last year. In the reporting period, shipments of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 families gave the company more than a quarter of the market (26%).


The top five manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe are Realme and OnePlus. The first controls 7.2% of the market, the second - 2.5%. At the same time in comparison with the third quarter of 2020 Realme increased its share by 6.3%, while OnePlus lost 1.8%.


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