Yoshi Rinrada, World's Most Beautiful Transgender Married by a Rich Man

Transgender in Thailand is not a taboo. In fact, transgender in the country is not underestimated.

The country of the White Elephant is often considered the transgender capital of the world because of the rampant sex operations that take place there. Interestingly, the transgender people in this country are beautiful.

There are not a few transgender people in Thailand who often become public figures and have many fans.

One of them is Yoshi Rinrada or also known as Rinrada Thurapan. She is included in the ranks of the most beautiful transgender in the world.

Yoshi has also won a beauty event specifically for transgender people. The first was the Miss Tiffany Universe event in 2017. Next, Runner Up Miss International Queen in 2018.

Yoshi Rinrada's Love Story

Her beautiful face managed to make a wealthy businessman from Taipan, China named Bao fall to his knees at his charm.

The businessman was even willing to marry Yoshi even though he knew that Yoshi was transgender.

The beginning of their meeting, it all started when Bao visited Thailand for his business trip.

Later, Bao met Yoshi in Thailand and Bao fell in love at first sight.

Their domestic life is also very stable. Bao is loyal to Yoshi and does not marry another woman even though Yoshi is a transvestite.

Bao said that Yoshi had the exact same body as a normal woman.

"Yoshirin's body is exactly the same as that of a normal woman, and it won't affect the lives of husband and wife between us," Bao said.

Yoshi Rinrada's Transformation

It is known, Yoshi became interested in turning himself into a woman at the age of 14 years.

When he was 18 years old, Yoshi began to perform transsexual surgery gradually. The operation carried out began to exude Yoshi's inner beauty until he resembled a real woman.

Initially, Yoshi's decision to become a woman was opposed by his parents. However, when his father saw Yoshi who was happy after becoming a woman, his father began to accept that fact.


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