You Unlock Your Smartphone 110 Times a Day -10 Unexpected Facts About Gadgets

1. Your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet in a public toilet

 British scientists from Insurance2go measured the number of bacteria that are on the body of the smartphone. It turned out that the microorganisms on the average iPhone are several times more than under the toilet seat in a public toilet. 

The smartphone gets particles of sweat, makeup, dirt from your hands, and dirt from your pockets or handbags. Fortunately, most germs from a smartphone come into contact with the wearer's body anyway and are not a health hazard.


 2. Half of smartphone users suffer from nomophobia

 The British scientists found out that 53% of the smartphone users have a hard time with parting with their favorite gadgets. 

Scientists have called this syndrome - nomophobia (NO MObile PHone PhoBIA). Fear or anxiety occurs when users forget their smartphone when leaving home, can't find their gadget for a long time, or just completely drains the device's battery.


 3. the trend for waterproofing gadgets was introduced by the japanese

Japanese users of portable electronics like to take a bath or shower with their gadgets. The country has a very high percentage of calls to service centers because of waterlogged gadgets.

 It was with the Japanese market in mind that they started developing waterproof versions of the devices. Smartphones are no exception.


 4. Many smartphone users do not install applications

 63% of smartphone users in the U.S. install no more than 5 third-party apps.

 Mostly from the app stores they download YouTube, Facebook and a couple of common messengers.


 5. Modern smartphones could send astronauts into space

 We've already told you that modern iPhones are easily outperforming computers from the 80s and 90s. For example, in 2008-2010 the power of manufactured smartphones was comparable to the computing power of the times of the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

 The processing power of one iPhone would have been enough to send a man into space back then. 


6. People all over the world compete in throwing smartphones

 For more than 10 years in many countries there are national and international competitions on throwing phones. The rules are simple: the one who throws the phone farthest is the winner. 

The homeland of this peculiar sport is considered to be Finland.


 7. Each smartphone makes more than 1000 calls a year 

According to statistics, the average smartphone makes about 1,140 outgoing calls in 365 days. 

The figure has held steady for several years, but the percentage of phone calls regularly decreases in favor of audio calls via messengers. 



8. The average smartphone user sends 15,000 messages a year


Active smartphone users send more than 15,000 messages a year. Teenagers send an average of 20,000 to 22,000 messages. Older users send no more than 5,000 messages per year.


There are usually more than 13 written messages per conversation.


9. Smartphones weren't invented until 20 years after cell phones


The first cell phone is believed to have been produced in 1973, the Motorola DynaTAC. The first phones running a mobile OS didn't start appearing until 1993-1994.


It took developers 20 years to make phones "smart".


10. Most people buy a smartphone on a "like a friend" basis


65% of buyers of smartphones in the U.S. said that when choosing a new gadget first of all they are guided by the smartphones of friends or colleagues at work, and only then they choose a model to their liking.


Most users tend to choose smartphones under pressure from their environment.


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