Ze forbade the "Strana" and Guzhva's warships to enter ports. Absurdity and violations of laws in the sanctions decree

On Friday, August 20, NSDC Secretary Danilov unexpectedly announced the application of new sanctions. Including to Igor Guzhva, editor-in-chief of the Internet newspaper "Strana" and the founding companies of the publication itself.


In the evening of the same day, the Strana.ua website was blocked. At first, certain Internet providers closed access to it, without waiting for the publication of the decree on the imposition of sanctions. Then, late in the evening, access to the strana.ua domain was closed altogether.


The site "Strana.ua" had to urgently register a new domain and transfer all the information there. The new domain is called strana.news, it is located in the ".news" domain zone and therefore is outside the sphere of access of the Ukrainian authorities.


At the same time, on Monday, providers began to block it again by order of the authorities.


Strana chief editor Igor Guzhva said that he would challenge Zelensky's decree on sanctions against the publication in court.


Whether there were any legal grounds at all for decrees banning Internet media, "Strana" figured out.


Continuing the Poroshenko case

In the case of Strana, Internet providers were ordered to block access to the following web resources: https://strana.ua, Facebook.com/gazetastranaua, @stranaua, vk.com/stranaua, ok.ru/stranaua.


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